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                                                                                                  Vicious Nature 
                                                                                     Fight For Your Life   Independent Release  

The excellent Vicious Nature were formed from the ashes of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebral Fix, they have recently played Hammerfest. This band are mind blowing, they are totally excellent and with these three songs the band have taken their music up to the next level and really don’t sound anything like their previous bands. 


These rockers from the Midlands UK deliver a three track E.P. of scintillating Metal to stretch your neck muscles to and have you punching the air and showing your horns!! The track opens with 'Fight For Your Life' and instantly grabs you by the scruff of your neck. 

This will have you cart-wheeling and banging your head into oblivion as Andy Pyke, (A pure and true Metal singer previously of Marshall Law) commands you to 'Fight For Your Life'. 

Thunderous drumming emanates from Jon “JB” Brown, and I am sure he never quite decimated the drums with Cloven Hoof as he does on this opening track and indeed the other two tracks on this E.P.  There are razor sharp guitars from Andy Marshall and thudding bass delivered by former Cerebral Fix member Mark Culley. This band play powerful metal that will have you transfixed.

'Sliding' will please fans of Judas Priest and seriously kicks ass.


 It slides into your consciousness and destroys your brain cells! Some nifty guitarmanship is the order of the day half way through and is In a word … Excellent!

Final track 'Dream Stealer' is a track I could imagine becoming a crowd favorite.  It’s catchy, punchy and delivers.  It ticks all the boxes, with crushing blows.  The song has everything that any self-respecting Metal-head will love and adore.  If after a few listens you aren’t absorbed and wanting to hear more from Vicious Nature ... then there is no hope for you! 

This is a gem of an E.P., it's top drawer.  The only gripe is there aren’t any more tracks!!!

I would recommend keeping an eye out for this band!    



Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Fight For Your Life
2. Sliding
3. Dream Stealer

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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