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                                                            Vicious Nature

                                                                                             Title: VII
                                                                                             Label: Independent
Hell Yeah !!...... Vicious Nature return with a six track monster "VII".
And  to put it  simply, its full to the brim of face shredding, death defying classic Metal to raise your fist, sing your lungs out and head bang to, as these veterans of the scene continue to show the world how its done!

Starting off with a gentle intro the EP then explodes into life with the an-thematic fist pumping neck destroying "Rise up"  its Thundering Drums from JB and delirious Guitar man ship courtesy of the six string Ace that is Andy Southwell intertwined with the thudding Bass of Mark Culley draw you in instantly as the  recognisable and biting Vocals of Andy Pyke have you immediately addicted.

I kept replaying  this song time and time again before I delved any deeper into this excellent EP.

Without a doubt "Rise Up" is  my favourite song on here, which is a silly statement as all kick ya fucking ass , but I think if I had to really choose this would be it, this is gonna go down so well live, a sure fire fist in the air sing along crowd pleaser!

"When The Devil Calls" has a horror film kinda vibe to it, this would be an awesome sound track as the band rip out your heart and destroy your brain cells. "Psychotic"  I simply  love it !! the  riff age is totally outstanding from Southwell as Pyke tells you "he will always fucking hate you"! another favourite,oh hell all the tracks are my faves on here!


Penultimate track is previous Single "The Silence That Kills" with  its blistering delivery  kicking your teeth down your throat as Pykes vicious Vocals are hissed out through out this piece.

Final track was recorded at their appearance in Belgium in 2015 at Wizz fest, where I am reliably told they stole the whole damn festival! with their momentous performance, "System of Disorder" wraps up this awesome piece of art with crowd participation and its clear message, its another killer song from these Centre of Britain Metal titans!!

To sum up
Vicious Nature have been in existence a few years now tearing up venues up and down this country including  appearances at the legendary Hard Rock Hell and Bloodstock, they have had a support slot with Firewind and made an appearance across the channel at Wizz Fest in Belgium in the past.

The guys have been rightly chosen to headline the tribute festival to Wizz himself soon in Belgium.

These guys are a full throttle mean machine, dedicated to their Metal core to succeed. 


With every EP Vicious Nature  release they become stronger and stronger as their popularity continues to  flourish a Debut Album MUST be the next instalment of Vicious Natures growing history!!    

Review:Seb Di Gatto       Score:5/5      

Reviewed: 30/01/2018                                                    Facebook

2.Rise up
3.When The Devil Calls
5.The Silence That Kills
6.System of Disorder (Live)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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