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                                                                                                     Vicious Nature

                                                                                               Title: Moment of Impact

                                                                                               Label: Independent

                                                                                               Release Date:11th November 2022

Vicious Nature returns with a killer EP to please the masses. From the driven guitars of Andrew Southwell to the thunderous drums of JB and power-driven bass lines of Paddy backed up by the fierce vocals of new vocalist Matt Gore your ears are in for a massive treat!  

The title of this work is first up and its full-on no holds barred head bangingly magnificent. These veterans of the scene deliver killer riffs that are hard-hitting and a massive assault on the senses.

There’s no respite as the next track becomes your master it's full on and thunders into your presence with its devilish intent as the guys deliver “No Compromise”. The metal onslaught continues as “Hate Revelation” ignites into a breakneck ride of metal majesty. The band carries on hitting all the right notes here with the elements of a fantastic vocalist a powerhouse rhythm section and a guitarist who shreds like the best of them. 

Having just returned from a successful mini tour in Belgium these dudes rock the proverbial the sheer velocity of the three tracks on “Moment of Impact” will please all ardent metalheads and guarantees to melt your face with its vigorous intent.

                                                             Buy it, crank it up raise the horns and bang that head!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score: 5/5




1. Moment of impact

2.No Compromise

3. Hate Revelation


Band Line up

Matt Gore - Vocals

Andrew Southwell – Guitars

Paddy Bass

JB Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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