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                                                                                                           Victoria K
                                                                                                           Title: Essentia

                                                                                                           Label: Rockshots Records
                                                                                                           Release date: April 24th, 2020

From Australia, we have “Essentia” the Debut release from Victoria K.

To say its phenomenal is an understatement, especially when you consider and fully comprehend that  Victoria is still a teenager (15) with the Vocal ability, charm, and creativity to become absolutely huge this release enchants and mesmerizes from the opening track to the finish.

“Essentia” delivers a great blend of Symphonic Powerful Metal with Gothic undertones this release is dynamic and extraordinary as the Album opens with “Freedom Uncharted” Victoria’s delightful Vocals draw you in as the growls from guest Sheri Vengeance combine on this outstanding start to this opus.

The majestic dark tones of “Surreal” wrap themselves around you as we take a magic carpet ride into heavenly reaches this is pure class with its middle eastern tones. Things just continue to impress as the massive “Forsaken” rocks up this is a masterpiece that sees Sheri guesting again on this monster with the towering double kick assaulting your senses as the thunderous Metal steals your soul, this is a track Nightwish would love in their locker! “Matrix” thunders outta ya speakers this power-tripping tune has some thunderous Basslines and sees the final appearance from Sheri Vengeance delivering growls from the pits of hades this is hellishly addictive and with the previous track are firm favorites here at The Metal Gods Meltdown.


Victoria K continues to amaze each track unfolds to outdo its predecessor. The sublime “Shroud of Solitude” is haunting and intense with the added appearance of Michalina Malisz from Eluveitie on the hurdy-gurdy, this number will give you goosebumps as this melodious piece pierces your heart with its passion and charm. Victorias Vocals continue to excel as “Haunting” sends chills through you this is beautiful and hypnotic.

“Freaks” powers up and sees you banging your head as this takes control and beats you senseless with its double kicks and magnificent orchestrations. “Mist Filled Sky” is a majestic piece that leads into the brooding “Humanity” an execution of Symphonic Heaven that will move even the hardest hearted. “Lacuna” brings this exceptional work to a close, a powerful end to this Debut that leaves you begging for more.


A Symphonic Metallers dream? possibly, maybe, NO.. DEFINITELY! These guys have huge potential, expect massive things for Victoria K. “Essentia” is a moving, thoughtful work that deserves to be in your collection.


Victoria K adds: "Essentia is Latin for 'essence': the indispensable quality of something that determines its very nature or character. So I guess the album as a whole tries to tackle and define the very nature of humanity. In a way, I’m trying to unravel the complexity of human essence and emotion. It all hopefully leads to being struck by a moment of Sonder - therefore the realization that everyone, including strangers, has a life as complex as our own, despite our lack of awareness of it."


Tracklisting                                                                                 INTERVIEW

1. Freedom Uncharted (ft. Sheri Vengeance)

2. Surreal

3. Forsaken (ft. Sheri Vengeance)

4. Matrix (ft. Sheri Vengeance)

5. Shroud Of Solitude (ft. Michalina Malisz – Eluveitie)

6. The Haunting

7. Freaks

8. Mist Filled Sky

9. Humanity

10. Lacuna


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:8.5 /10




Victoria K (v) Brett Garsed (g) Rich Panaia (b) Gerry Pantazis (d) + Chris Rourke (b on tr. 10)

Lee Bradshaw (k, pi, sy) Michalina Malisz (hurdy gurdy on tr. 5) Sheri Vengeance (v on tr. 1, 3, 4)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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