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                                                                               The Revenant King      Label: Metal Blade
                                                                                        Release Date: 28th January
From the plains of Salt Lake city we have Visigoth, formed back in 2010 the band released a four track EP called "Final Spell"  which got the Metal worlds attention,  and now in 2015 they have been taken under the steel wing of Metal Blade,  and  Metal Warriors Visigoth have released their debut album  "The Revenant King" upon the world to battle the   non believers , and deliver nine tracks of pure molten Metal ,  no bullshit,   Brought back to its roots! All songs are of epic proportions running over five minutes bar one, and what you get is heroic, death defying and battle ready.

Jake Rogers’s strong and commanding vocals lead the onslaught,with  the rhythm section of drummer Mickey Tee and bassist Matt Brotherton combined with the twin guitar punch of Leeland Campana, Jamieson Palmer,  Visigoth deliver a Metal album the way it used to be, its  imposing, a bit cheesy at times but still an exemplary debut.

Am going to pick out my personal favourites rather than go track by track for this review.. "Dungeon Master" has some galloping guitars and a sing along chrous to bellow loudly and scare your foes, its a song to enslave your mind, and will stay in your head for ages! I would say the album is quite varied  but holds your attention, as the Metal Gods are well and truly honoured.

"Blood Sacrifice" delivers some deep and doomy tones as it comes to its conclusion, its deep and dredges deep into the abyss  of hell.
"Iron Brotherhood" is an  anthem to Raise your fist to and salute the Metal underworld, its an invigorating song and a highlight on here, its a marching into battle , swords unsheated and battle axes at the ready,  rousing song if I ever heard one!

The band cover Manilla Roads "Necropolis" and deliver a harder and faster version, its a just as good if not better than the orginal.

Penultimate track "Creature of Desire" is an inferno of scorching riffs and glass shattering vocals from Jake Rodgers, it proper old school and doesnt dispapoint at all.

The Final track "From The Arcane Mists of Prophecy" is near enough a ten minute monster , its engrossing and keeps your attention its has everything thats to be loved about this thing we call Heavy Metal. So to sum up , I think Metal Blade have signed a competant, talented band in Visigoth and the future is exceedingly bright for them. And if you love pure traditional Metal, I am sure you will adore"The Revenant King"

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Review: Seb Di Gatto                                                Score: 8/10


Track Listing:

1.Revenant King

2.Dungeon Master
3.Mammoth Rider
4.Blood Sacrifice
5.Iron Brotherhood
8.Creature of Desire
9.From the Arcane Mists of Prophecy


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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