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                                                                                                          Void Collapse Interview  02/10/21            

Can you tell us about your band, and who’s your favorite influences?


We’re a two piece, death metal project from Texas, and Michigan. Shane Elwell plays and records drums. My name is Terry Oberson, and I fill those drums in. I listen to all eras and styles of death metal, but to me our band sounds like early 2000’s era. Bands such as Origin, Cryptopsy, Cannibal Corpse, Nile. I’m not saying we’re anywhere near as good Lol, but that’s what I gather. We have some spoken word, and electronic flourishes, but for the most part death metal. 


Where do you draw your inspiration from? 


Movies, and books. Mostly sci fi, and fantasy. The Bible, anything really. Life, or how I’m feeling. Anytime a band puts out an album I really like, I get working super hard, cause I like creating. That usually gets me going. 


What would you say is your Bands favorite song?


The Cross Eyed Dove is mine. It’s the first song I did for our latest album Gwenda. It was the song I’ve always wanted to record, and came out exactly how I wanted it to. It sets up the sound and feeling for the album, and helps tell the story in a way. 


Plans tour and festival wise for 2021


No, we aren’t a live band, so we don’t have any shows coming unfortunately 


What can we expect from Void Collapse live?


We can’t play live, because our lives don’t allow us too. Shane and I live across country, and we both work full time with no way of getting around it. I’m a father of two, and that time has passed. 


What three bands are your tour buddies?


If we did tour I’d pick our friends Three One Three from Detroit, our Buddy Corey and his band Before the Storm We Flourished, and Waking the Cadaver as a wild card


What the most memorable concert you’ve been to and why?


I went to a Black Dahlia show in Detroit and it was so off the hook. It was a homecoming show. White Chapel split the bill. All the bands killed it though. It was in this church turned venue called St. Andrews. It was a good one. 


What do you think has been your biggest accomplishment so far with Void Collapse?


Our newest album Gwenda is. It came out really close to what it was intended to be. It’s the first in a series of four albums. A concept covering each of the tarot queens. Gwenda is the Queen of Wands. I’m starting the next one right now. I have all the sounds and everything planned out. It’s going to be rad. 


Which are your two favorite albums of all time?


Bjork Homogenic and Blink-182 Enema of the State. I honestly listen to so much stuff, there are hundreds of albums I could talk about, but those two always are sticking around for the long haul. 


Growing up which band posters did you have on your wall?


Outkast, Blink-182, Emperor. Lol, that’s a pretty mixed bag. The Misfits, so many that I can’t recall. Dio was a big one. 


Who do you think influenced the world of metal/rock more than any other person?


I don’t know that’s a tough one. I guess if I would take it back to the very beginning, nobody would be doing anything without the Beatles. They are the spot modern music stems from. Sabbath based their sound from their riffs. Anything from indie rock to psych has been influenced, punk, hip hop. Helter Skelter is pretty much a raw metalcore song. For me it’s the Beatles. I’m sure people have other opinions though. Lol


What’s the most important thing to the band right now?


Getting people to listen. There isn’t anything else really. This project is a labor of love, so our whole deal is just putting it out there, and hopefully getting a response. I would be doing this even if we didn’t live in the internet age where I couldn’t put it out, but I’m glad I can. That’s what’s important to me, or what I enjoy the most. 


If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why?


We have a cover of It’s So Easy by Guns N Roses coming out soon. I had to find a song that translated well to death metal, and fit with the bands sound. It’s more of a punk song, so I could kind of forge it into a death metal song. I had to like it also. Not everything can be a cover either. It has to be personal, and that was a album that originally got me into guitar as a kid. 


Tell us why we should buy, and listen to your band?


We do this because we love it. I love that everyone this day and age can have a musical voice, so hopefully our voice and vision finds its audience, and resonates. We do things the way we want to, and all my free time goes into this art. So, hopefully someone finds it and can connect to it. 


Four words to describe Void Collapse


Quick, Heavy, Ethereal, Cacophonous 


Final words for your fans and our readers


Thanks for reading this, and thanks you for having us. If you want to check us out we’re everywhere, so please do we really appreciate it. 

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