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                                                                            Voodoo Hill 

                                                                                                             Label:Frontiers Records
                                                                                                             Release Date:16th October  2015
Voodoo Hill return with their third release “Waterfall” from the magical Musical alliance between Italian Guitarist Dario Mollo and the Legend that is Glenn Hughes , the trio have released their finest album here its Hard Rocking Bluesy inspired numbers are simply invigorating and satisfy on the first listen.

This is pure unadulterated Rock, brought to you by the masters of the genre.


There are so many cracking tracks on here beginning with  “All That Remains” it’s a gritty  opener that gets your feet tapping ,and the solo from Mollo just courses through you ,making you dance and boogie to the Hill!

All the tracks need your time and attention but personal highlight for me is the simply divine and stunning”Underneath And Down Below”  with its build up and vocals that show Hughes still has it !

Its nearly seven minutes of magnificence and has to be heard ,it’s a monster of a track that aficionados of Deep Purple ,and Led Zeppelin will just adore, there's even a tilt to the aforementioned bands “Kashmir” it is simply out of this world.


The title track follows  “Waterfall” is a ballad that I surprisingly (I ain't  too keen on Ballads!) really enjoyed with its flowing guitars and meaningful lyrics. “Karma Go” sees the riffing ignite from  Mollo  it really rocks your socks and shoes off! “Eldorado” opens slowly then hell yeah the guitars chug ,and Hughes has your attention as he asks “Can You Hear Me “? Hell Yeah we hear ya Glen!!

“Sunflower” drips and oozes  a deep southern Blues vibe, it's out there growing in the wind the tune fills you with a good time feeling as the Blues slide guitar envelopes your being.


“Last Door” brings the album to its close it’s a graceful , powerful ending to a must have Hard Rocking release.

So to Sum up  Dario Mollo has worked with many musical giants , and for me personally I know more about his work with Tony Martin than Glenn Hughes and Voodoo Hill,  back in 2000 when they released their debut I was more into the Thrash/ Metal scene and kinda ignored them, nowadays  I am not so close minded and listen to all genre's of Metal /Rock So I have found this album to be a pleasant surprise ,real Rocking  , with sun drenched Blues and a heavy 70s influence that really gets under your skin.

Review : Seb Di Gatto Score: 9.5/10

Dario Mollo – Guitars
Glenn Hughes – Vocals
Dario Patti - Bass, Keys
Riccardo Vruna – Drums
Andrea Maiellano - Additional Bass on 3, 4, 6
Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac - Drums on 7, 9, 11


Track Listing:
01. All That Remains
02. The Well
03. Rattle Shake Bone
04. Underneath And Down Below
05. Waterfall
06. Karma Go
07. Evil Thing
08. Eldorado
09. White Feather
10. Sunflower
11. Last Door



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