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                                                                                                       Label: Frontiers srl                                                            

                                                                                                       Title: Eat Your Heart Out

                                                                                                       Release date: June 17, 2022

I have seriously lost count of the number of bands I have interviewed and reviewed from Sweden for The Metal Gods Meltdown and other magazines over the years.

And here is another stellar band from the land of music! By the name of Vypera who ooze eighties hard rock dragged kicking and screaming into 2022. “Eat your heart out” is a classy eleven-track album that’s going to please young and old fans of this genre of music without a doubt.

Fronted by lead singer Andreas Wallström, guitarist Chirstoffer Thelin, bassist Andreas Andersson and drummer Johan Pettersson these guys draw their influences from Triumph, Rainbow, and W.A.S.P to name but a few. This is the New Wave of Classic Hard Rock and doesn’t disappoint at all!  From the opening bars of “Slow Me Down” you just know this opus is going to rock your world. Hell yeah, this is pure candy for your ears as Vypera bring their melody-rich hard rocking to your senses with this excellent start to proceedings. The great music just keeps on coming as debut single “Standing on The Edge” rocks up with its big chorus and hard-hitting guitars hit you like a six-string roller coaster as the band shows their abilities in epic style.

The magic just continues to flow out of your speakers and drenches you with the breathtaking “Spellbound”  with its blistering sing-along attack. Up next is the awesome “Sierra” a hard rocker’s dream as Wallström delivers on so many levels with his vocals.

The strength and precision are just immense throughout this opus as the powerhouse guitarist and primal drumming combined with the big bass lines make this a personal favourite along with the fist punching hell to leather “Rock N Roll” a tune that’s going to send crowds wild!

The tempo is brought down a notch with “Fantasy” a sublime melodic number that leads into “Straight for The Kill” another hellish sing-along tune.  Simply love the way the next track “Danger” builds as this hard rock spectacular continues to kick ass! Hair metal heaven flows outta ya speakers as “Fool for The Night” leaves you breathless as its splendour and killer tunes continue to enthuse the listener. “Cold as Ice” is the penultimate song on here and the second single from this platter is pounding and addictive as hell and another favourite on here.  The final track “Wingborne” ends this work in fantastic style and leaves you begging and wanting more!

To sum up, this is a real ballsy debut from Vypera that will hopefully see promotors have them headline or as a support act in the following weeks and months. Make sure you get primed and ready to “Eat Your Heart Out” on June the 17th!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 8.5/10



1.Slow Me Down
2Standing On The Edge
5.Rock N' Roll
7.Straight For The Kill
9.Fool For The Night
10.Cold As Ice


Andreas Wallström - Vocals
Christoffer Thelin - Guitars
Andreas Andersson - Bass
Johan Pettersson - Drums

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