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                                                                                                   Title: Weapons of Tomorrow

                                                                                                   Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                                   Release Date:24th April 2020

The Mighty Warbringer return with “Weapons of Tomorrow “their sixth Album is brutal and un fucking compromising as we get ten tracks of Molten Thrash Metal. The opener “Firepower Kills” explodes into life, this face-melting thrashing beastie rampages into the room, as the pounding Drums from Carlos Cruz ignites,  dynamite riffs explode from Chase Becker and Adam Carroll on Guitars, combined with the earth-shaking Bass of Chase Bryant this opener brings a riot into your head destroying brain cells with deadly intent as you bang your head in furious abandonment and raise those horns to salute Screaming banshee and Metal icon John Kevill on Vocals.

Hell, yeah WARBRINGER is Back, with their New Metal Thrashing insanity these guys bring old School Thrash with a modern twist to enthuse the masses.


The superb “The Black Hand Reaches out” is not only outstanding but ruthless in execution as is the next song “Crushed Beneath the tracks” indeed does crush your being with its monstrous pulverized velocity. I really can't enthuse enough about “Defiance of Fate” its Death Metal tones and vitriolic vibes see Warbringer bringing something new to the table it's my favorite track on here its something I would love to see the band do more of in the future, its spellbinding with its defiance, and been played loads, It leaves you wide mouthed in awe at this killer song.

All hell erupts as “Unravelling” unleashes demons of thrashing riffs and wild animal screams from Kevill.

“Heart of Darkness” begins slowly with its soothing grooves then opens into a blood-curdling anthem.  There's no rest or respite as “Power Unsurpassed” releases a salvo of steel encrusted delirium. Love the chugging Guitar On the “Outer of Reaches” and how it explodes into a neck breaking tsunami of death-defying attitude. The Penultimate track is the illegitimate child of Exodus and Testament thrown into the melting pot of hellish riffs and killer lyrics as we pay honor to “Notre Dam” (King of Fools).

“Glorious End” is an apt title to the final song on this opus as this release is indeed Glorious! And one amazing end that has you begging for more.


In these unprecedented days of lockdowns death and despair as the COV-19 virus causes havoc around the world this phenomenal Album is the perfect cure and very timely as well as being the perfect distraction, make sure you get this scorching work of art "Weapons of Tomorrow" ...IT RAWKS!!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:9.5/10

Reviewed: 04/04/20                                         Facebook


1.Firepower Kills
2.The Black Hand Reaches Out
3.Crushed Beneath the Tracks
4.Defiance of Fate
6.Heart of Darkness
7.Power Unsurpassed
8.Outer Reaches
9.Notre Dame (King of Fools)
10.Glorious End


John Kevill - Vocals
Adam Carroll - Guitar
Carlos Cruz - Drums
Chase Becker - Guitar
Chase Bryant - Bass







The Metal Gods Meltdown

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