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                                                                                        We Butter The Bread With Butter
                                                                                                       Wieder Geil!
                                                                                         Release Date: May, 23 2015
                                                                                                  Label: AFM Records

"We Butter The Bread With Butter hail from Germany and are a Metal Core, Pop inspired amalgam of different genres ,  and despite the odd name are not a comedy act ,they are pretty good actually and "Weider Geil! is a competent release.

All the songs are in German but don't let that deter you at all. If you are a fan of Rammstein, Slipknot, Tanzwat to name a few you will get the vibe of WBTBWB in no time!

Stand out tracks are the heavy and Industrial opener "Ich mach was mit Medien" its electro pulses and mind bending insanity get you hooked on the first listen. "Exorzist" opens with  keyboards that drill into your craninum and will have you singing the chorus, its pretty damn irrelevant if you don't speak or understand German, this gets you moving ,and will be amazing live.


Another one that's gonna be a hit has to be "Berlin Berlin!" it takes you to an underground , sweaty rock club , watching WBTBWB , pumping your fists and banging your head to this highly addictive tune.

"Bang Bang Bang" Made me wanna puke to be honest its full of Dub Step, Trance infused bollocks and one to avoid, unless  you like that kind of head fuck music, personally I cant stand it.

I can cope with keyboards and Synths but not when it reminds you of the cattle markets in Ibiza! Thankfully that's the only track to avoid.


Personal Favourites are "Rockstar" its a crazy number ,with a carnival of horrors appeal , it  is brutal and vicious as indeed is "Thug Life" its a bit slower than the rest on here , it contains some English and works well, in fact it would be really interesting to see this band deliver a full album in English. Jumping to the final track "Zombiebitch" its a sinister number (well what do you expect with that title) one to listen to on a lonely night walking through the moors , with its manic riffs and feelings of other worldly beings its a deep and  savage number to finish Wieder Geil!

On first listen I was like ,not another Metal Core band!!! But they arent ,they have really got something here , and a band to look out for , like the album cover they draw you in and get your attention, not a bad album and one I would reccommend to fans of Industrial, Metal Core , Alternative music.

Review:Seb Di Gatto              Score:7.5/10               Facebook    Website            
01. Ich mach was mit Medien
02. Exorzist
03. Anarchy
04. Berlin Berlin!
05. Bang Bang Bang
06. Gib mir mehr
07. Rockstar
08. Thug Life
09. Warum lieben wir nicht mehr?
10. Zombiebitch 


Members: Marcel Neumann - Guitar Maximilian Pauly - Bass Paul Bartzsch - Vocals Can Özgünsür - Drums



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