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                                                                                                  We Hunt Buffalo

                                                                                                  Head Smashed in

                                                                                                  Label: Fuzzorama Records

                                                                                                  Release Date: 25th October 2018

We Hunt Buffalo return with “Head Smashed in” a Dirty, evocative, grunge inspired varmint of psychedelic grooves lies here in this nine-track behemoth.

Opening with “Heavy Low” the riffs and cymbals crash, and intensity enthral you this is one track I have repeatedly come back to as the three-piece comprised of Ryan Forsythe Vocals/Guitar, Cliff Thiessen Bass/Vocals and Brandon Carter Drums lay waste to your mind with their hard-hitting fervour. Then we get the extremely fierce “Angler Must Die” which sees Ryan screaming and howling for the first time and he does a stellar job of it. After the previous track we get the sludge inspired “Prophecy Wins” full of deep channels the Band take you on a journey of psychedelic moves and grinds. 


Close your eyes maybe light up something herbal and chill and let “Get in the Van” float into your conscience as the Band deliver an instrumental throbbing three minutes of hard rocking ecstasy.We get a statement about the music business with “Industry Woes” a hard-hitting number with its thumping rhythms, combined with Wards hard edged Vocals and lyrics as he tells you how it is.

The next song with the opening track are my favourites on here as we are transported to Northern Ireland and “The Giants Causeway” the myth and story is told as the these Vancouverites lay waste with some delicious riffs and head banging momentum that sure fire up your imagination as the tale s told of this stunning part of the world. Then the  down trodden sludge infused “Keep it Refreshing” follows, it’s a meandering tune of heavy grooves that leads into the Bluesy “Anxious Children” it’s a humungous piece of jolting, hip shaking boogie rock.

The Album closes with the mellow and simply divine “God Games” this is a real test of an outstanding Vocalist not only can Ryan sustain power he can keep the rich melodies as you can hear through out this opus but no more so than on this final piece.


I actually had to rewrite this review as my laptop crashed, so I could of just not bothered, as its out in a tomorrow and people will be able to judge for themselves on Spotify etc.

But this Album is such a monster I just knew I must re do the review and persevere, (a bit like the Interview!! Damn Skype!)

Is "Head Smashed in " one of my favourite Stoner releases of the year? I would say so!

This is an accomplished work of art and I will be going to see these guys in the New Year at Desert Fest or in Europe, but in the meantime, I will be blasting out this behemoth of fuzz Rock and so will you if you have any sense go and grab a copy!  



Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 9/10

Reviewed: 23/10/18


Track Listing:

1.Heavy Low

2.Angler Must Die

3.Prohecy Wins

4.Get in The Van

5.Industry Woes

6.The Giant's Causeway

7.Keep It Refreshing

8.Anxious Children

9.God Games


Band Line up                                              Facebook

Ryan Forsythe - Vocals/Guitar

Cliff Thiessen - Bass/Vocals

Brandon Carter- Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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