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                                                                                                          WE ARE LEGEND

                                                                                                      Title: Fallen Angel


                                                                                                      Release Date: 29th July 2022

WE ARE LEGEND return with “Fallen Angel” and what a belting album this is! Basically, I have not kept this off my sound system! Let me tell you this platter rocks the hell out of ya!  

The opener “Tale of a Legend” starts at a frantic pace and has you hooked straight away! What follows is the piece de resistance on this opus it's uplifting and has everything, the musicianship is epic as the marvellous Vocals of Selin Schönbeck combined with the angelic voice of Eleonora give you goosebumps and draw you into the tale of the title track “Fallen Angel” quite simply this is a stunning song.

The pounding “I Don’t Care” follows and as heavy as a hundred hammers hitting corrugated iron, it’s a fist-pummelling work of art with some scintillating guitar man ship thrown in making this a statement of intent. Choral effects take you into the “Angel Station” a delicious fist-pumping song that’s going to be a treat live. You are hardly given chance to catch your breath as “Only God Forgives” is up next, a beast of a number, heavy and intensely addictive. This platter just grows in splendour as each track unfolds and one of my favourite tracks on here has to be “I am this one” with its slower tempo and classy riffs, added to that the powerful drumbeat, this one just oozes class.

Things are brought back up to speed and ticks all the boxes with its addictive head-banging killer delivery, a song that sees you punch the sky and sing along as we deliver a “Prayer for the fallen”

Simone Mularoni from DGM features on the bruising and relentless “The Inner Circle” another one that hooks you in and the guitar solo, simply put. Wow! the guys totally nailed it with this one I am telling you!   “Society of Shadows” is another thumping hell-to-leather song it’s totally absorbing with its powerful infused metal delirium taking no prisoners.

Running just short of seven minutes we get the intense “A Human So Strange” rounding of a wonderful work from these German aficionados that will hopefully put the name WE ARE LEGEND on the lips of every fan of Metal!


Review: Seb Di Gatto                              Score:9/10



1. Tale of a Legend

2. Fallen Angel

3.I Don’t Care

4. Angel Station

5. Only god forgives

6.I am this one

7. Prayer for the Fallen

8. The inner circle

9. Society of shadows

11. A human so strange


Selin Schönbeck - Vocals, Piano

Dirk Baur - Guitar, Harmony V

Alex Endress - Bass, Harmony Vocals

Fabio Alessandrini - Drums

Jimmy Konsta - Guitar

Eleonora - Additional Vocals

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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