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Promethium are from Lancaster and are made up of former members of Skin Crawl, Bodies, Desolate and Natural Thing. 

All very well-known bands in the North West of England.  The album opens with 'Distant Illusion', an instrumental that eases you into Promethium’s world.


'Visions' starts off with a far Eastern kind of tempo,  then the music builds up.  I really like Gary’s vocals and the screeching guitars.  Their really fine musicianship holds much in store for the remaining eight tracks.  'Meaning of Trust' runs riot and truly rocks. 

Now one of my favorite songs on here is 'Nothing' with excellent lyrics and a slow build up, it then attacks you like a trapped tiger, going straight for you as it sinks it's teeth in.


'Tribute To The Fallen' has really intelligent lyrics and honors the service men who sacrifice their lives for their country. 

A heavy and powerful number.  '33.1' and 'Cycle of Vengeance' continue the excellent musicianship.  'Cycle of Vengeance' is especially venomous. 

'Trapped' is a great song, with whirling guitars and is simply brilliant metal mastery. Thundering drums and growling lyrics take you into 'The Curse', a storming, varied tune if ever there was one. 


'Murder Inc' has a dark and brooding opening, heavy as ten Sumo wrestlers, this is a song about a brutal slaying, sung with passion, it is simply head melting.  On the whole this is a competent, well produced album.  I mean we have grinding rocking guitars, solos, thundering drums, excellent vocals, what more can you ask for?


Check out '33.1', 'Trapped' and 'Nothing', in fact the whole album!  I look forward to hearing more from this band and I hope this review goes some way in giving the band the break they quite rightly deserve.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 



1. Distant Illusion
2. Visions
3. Meaning Of Trust
4. Nothing
5. Tribute To The Fallen
6. 33.1
7. Cycle Of Vengeance
8. Trapped
9. The Curse
10. Murder Inc   


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