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                                                                                     White Wizzard
                                                                            Flying Tigers  Earache Records  

White Wizzard are hailed as the new flag bearer’s of so called “Traditional Heavy Metal“ , hailing from Los Angeles, they are a very accomplished musician’s. 

They comprise, Wyatt Anderson - Vocals, Erik Kluiber - Guitar, Chad Bryan - Guitar, Jon Leon - Bass and Giovanni Durst - Drums.


'Fight to the Death' and 'West L.A. Nights', are good enough songs, but were nothing out of the ordinary, and they didn’t get my heart racing, technically good vocals and instrumentals though.

'Starchild' - This slows the pace, this was a pleasant song conjuring a feel of ethereal, other-worldliness, which may appeal to those with romantic leanings.

'Flying Tigers' / 'Night Train to Tokyo' / 'Night Stalker' / 'Fall of Atlantis', again these were all good songs.  Technically brilliant, with rich and fulsome vocals, guitar and drum work. 

However they failed to excite and I was left feeling that I had heard it all before, a long time ago.


'Blood on the Pyramids' - This song was a cut above the previous ones, with a punchy intro, full of Eastern promise. 

This had the originality and quality lacking in the first half of the album.


'Demons and Diamonds' has a intriguing beginning to this song.  It promises much, a frenetic race between drums and guitars, making me want to move around in an abandoned fashion, then slowing down with rich and menacing guitar riffs, reminiscent of Sabbath's 'War Pig', ( just like witches at Black Masses) conjuring up the same feeling of menace and foreboding .


'Dark Alien Overture' - The sinister beginnings of this song build tension and anticipation, discordant, frenzied, frantic, ( this actually got me quite excited, it was the only song on the album with a modern vibe), hold your breath ... then disappointingly it is all over.  


'War of the Worlds' - Bold, exciting and moody. The music that quests are made of, with an exotic flavour, it had subtle hints of Page and Plant’s 'Kashmir'.

'Starman’s Son' - This song incorporates folk and Eastern influences with fantastic metal magic, made me visualise Magician’s and Shamans.  I had to listen to this a few times, but it is really great.  It has rich and melodic guitars and thundering drums.  Took me back to my hippy youth.


Call me an old softie, but this was my favourite track on the album.  In all honesty the second half of this album is better than the first half.  I got sucked in from 'Blood on the Pyramids'.  This album may take some listening to, but it is a rich offering none the less, however it will not appeal to everyone.  I am a fan of “Traditional Metal“ but this was nothing for me to get really excited about, I am afraid. 


Review by: Alison "Bear" Caswell


1. Fight To The Death
2. West L.A. Nights
3. Starchild
4. Flying Tigers
5. Night Train To Tokyo
6. Night Stalker
7. Fall Of Atlantis
8. Blood On The Pyramids
9. Demons And Diamonds
10. Dark Alien Overture
11. War Of The Worlds
12. Starman's Son

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