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                                                                                                                Release Date:21st May 2016 

The Debut Album Wildheart..

By Wildheart pulls you back to the glory days of glam rock. They stand out by their unique vocals and quirky twists on older riffs that are noticeable when listening closely.

The music in it's completeness has some rough edges and that's also what makes this band stand out in a genre that has seen a period of silence as other genres dominated the more public streams of well known music but is making it's return.


It's a daring attempt at something, near, perfected all those years ago and they somehow found a way to incorporate their own feel into it without stepping out of the bounds once set by the great artists that performed it so well.


The lyrics have a message in them what is more than we can say of most modern day, well known, bands as they tend to undervalue the worth of lyrical content and go for marketable solutions.

All in all they are good at what they bring and intend to inspire with the necessary open-mindedness to incorporate their own twist, be it from other genres or personal input, into a more underdog genre to make it their own.


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Leadvocals: Farty /// Shredding guitar: Foxx /// Bassmaster: Stevie Dee /// Shredding guitar: Juice /// Drummachine: Thunderberck


Track Lisiting:


2.On The Run

3.Never Let Go

4.On My Wat

5.Stone Cold

6Get Up

7.Beautiful Regret


9.Save Me

10.First Glance


12.Hang em High



















The Metal Gods Meltdown

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