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                                                                                                                 Wildside Riot
                                                                                               No Second Take   Cargo Records  

Wildside Riot  is fronted by former Wrathchild vocalist Rocky Shades, and in their crew they have Joss Riot Lead Guitar, Gaz Wilde (Drums), James Crofts (bass) and Jimmy Gunn, rhythm and co-lead guitars.  Together they deliver thirteen songs of fun, sleazy, Poison inspired with the attitude of Motley Crue circa 'Shout at The Devil' songs.  


Just going by the bands names you know you are in for a great time with this opus.  It’s filled to the brim with partying, shaking your head, dancing on table anthems to get everyone moving and filling a dance floor, the world over.  Album opener 'All Hail The Wasted' kicks off the proceedings and it's hair metal, pressed to the max. 


It’s fun and infectious.  Check out the solo from Joss Riot,  in fact throughout the album he kicks some hairspray cans into oblivion with his meaty riffs. 

I love the opening to 'Wildside Riot', it's class and Rocky Shades tells you exactly how it is! Then when they sing ... “Where have all the good times gone” ... well hell yeah, they really mean it!!  Wildside Riot are here to bring you FUN.  It’s an anthem that sums up this album, check out the lyrics.  Many a drunken night will be ended with this anthem I am sure, so let’s Party!


'Broken Toys' rips into you with a very familiar riff, but who really cares, this band is here to enjoy life.  'Fukk Em', ah the spelling of a Wrathchild! I tell ya!  Ok it’s been done over a zillion times, but as I keep saying, “Fukk it!".  Get down and boogie and shake your head!  'Candiis gone Bad' tells the story of a serial killer and slows the mood down a bit.  It’s not a bad track, but not the strongest on here, likewise 'That’s What Sunday Mornings Are For' is a bit of an adult orientated theme, follows for a few moments, but hey, you will need a rest after all the partying music of the first four to five tracks.

'Babe I Gotta Go' is cheese fest city, but again another sing-along song.  Same can be said for 'Angel on my Back' and the ballad 'My Paradise', which is the weakest song on here.  Just get your lighters out and enjoy anyway.  'Glitter Tramps' will get your head bopping, it’s got that kind of riff where you have to move. 

It’s that kind of tune age where you just have to shake and rock and roll!   


'Wasted Lust' nicks keyboards from a Van Halen album here, I am sure, but at end of the day who cares?  I don’t!  'Woman' is a rack and ruins song, just chill and bop along. 


Final track 'There’s a Bullet for Each of You', well load up you proverbial guns, get down and bite the bullet!  And have a fun time as you can tell this is what Rocky Shades intention is with this album. 


This album has been out a short while and I have read some harsh reviews of this album.  Well to be fair, NO it's not unique and by no means original, but kudos to Rocky Shades, he’s been about since I was at school (a long time ago!) and has delivered a fun fueled album with Wildside Riot. 

No they aren’t going to sell millions and change the world, but at the end of the day, it’s great that some bands are still out there, loving what they are doing and giving the  finger to all the doubters, nay sayers and doom and gloom merchants.  Grunge nearly killed off this type of music once, it didn’t happen and never will as long as we have maestros like Rocky Shades and Wildside Riot, glaming it up, sponsoring Superdrug and kicking backside!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. All Hail The Wasted
2. Wildside Riot
3. Broken Toys
4. Fukk Em
5. Candis Gone Bad
6. That's What Sunday Mornings Are For
7. Babe I Gotta Go
8. Angel On My Back
9. My Paradise
10. Glitter Tramps
11. Wasted Lust
12. Woman
13. There's A Bullet For Each Of You

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