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                                                                       Title: Shadowland
                                                                       Label: Century Media Records
                                                                       Date of Release: 1st April 2022

Do you hear that? by the light of the moon, there's an almighty howl coming from the depths of Sweden. Yes WOLF is back and returns with the towering assault on the senses with ”Shadowland”. A melting pot of purebred old-school Heavy Metal infused with a modern twist, a firm favorite here at The Metal Gods Meltdown and on constant replay, and already one of the albums of 2022.

This killer metal machine gets underway in empathic style with “Dust” an all-guns blazing, headbanging rocker full of huge guitar licks courtesy of Johansson, Stålvind, and combined with his death-defying Vocals and the monstrous rhythm section of Koleberg drums and Egberg on bass.

What an opener this is Stålvind is the tour de force on here.   I love the lyrics esp “the little sanity I have left has slipped my mind” hee hee awesome!

This opus just unleashes monster after monster as this riff spawn platter continues to throttle you and decimate your brain cells as “Visions for the blind” rocks up then we get the superb “The time machine” this is fucking heavy metal heaven, raise those horns, bang yer head and sing the chorus mother fuckers.. simply outstanding! You just can't catch your breath as “Evil eyes” and “Seek the silence” continue to abuse and amuse you..... hell yeah!
Title track “Shadowland” is up and batters and takes no prisoners as we then lead into my favorite on here, and don't my neighbors know it! it's the “The ill-fated Mr. Mordrake” anthem? methinks so, the insanity and hypnotic vibes just have me so addicted as for the video for this. it's howlingly hellish! Put me in a straitjacket and let this take over your mind body and soul 24-7 love this song so much!

The devilishly delicious “Rasputin” barrels up and kicks indoors with its deep and darkly intentions then the pounding  “Exit sign” delivers on all fronts and this pure metal just what the doctor ordered as “into the black hole” continues this Metal Meltdown and what's this we have a bonus track with “Trial by fire” it's a bit slower and digs deep into ones conscious with its lyrical theme and twisty turn impressions.

So it's April 2022 and “ Shadowland” from these Swedish metal titans is hands down my album of the year already.

Going to take some beating this un!

WOLF SAY Pure fuckin' Metal!
“WOLF is a recording & touring band that doesn't give a shit about the flavor of the day. They play loud and make no excuses”.

· Niklas Stålvind – vocals, guitar, bagpipes
· Simon Johansson – guitar
· Pontus Egberg – bass guitar
· Johan Koleberg – drums

Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:10/10
Reviewed: 18.03.22


2.Visions For The Blind

3.The Time Machine

4.Evil Lives

5.Seek The Silence


7.The Ill-Fated Mr. Mordrake


9.Exit Sign

10.Into The Black Hole

11.Trial By Fire (bonus)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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