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                                                                     Evilution    Pure Steel / Legend Records

Wolfen are  from Cologne Germany, their new album “Evilution” has the influences of Power Metal, Old School Metal and Thrash combined. Opening with “Sea of Souls” it races out of the traps full force, it sparks and cracks into a frenzy of sing along melodic choruses, the band deliver and don’t disappoint.

“50 Men” is totally absorbing and aggressive in fact it’s the stand out track for me; this is old school metal in a 2014 style and  delivered with some scintillating riff age to please the most sceptical metal head.


It’s funny how many bands are releasing songs about the world wide web these days, and “Digital Messiah” hits the nail on the head, it’s an intelligent, slower song, with thought provoking lyrics, as indeed people don’t worship at religion’s door these days as much it seems, they worship the net.


There are some cracking riffs as the song reaches mid-point and asks the question “Would you kill to satisfy your addiction” then the chant of “Digital Messiah” rings out.


  Delving deeper into “Evilution”, “Pure Culture” opens with heavy and thunderous machine gun drumming which has a hypnotic effect, and pulverises your ear drums!


“Embodiment of Evil” takes you on the journey of discovery, and  religions lies to crusades from days past and today’s problems in the world, with a nice Middle East respite halfway through it then cranks up into full power  thrashing metal insanity. “The Irish Brigade” is a battle anthem as the title obviously suggests, cut to the final tune  “All That Remains is Nothing”  the longest track on here, it’s a bit long winded for me but is still delivers and scalds your brain cells.


Now if you are like me and love Teutonic Metals like Brainstorm, Accept , Gravedigger, this will appeal.  It’s been two years since Wolfen’s  last release with “Chapter IV” and those two years are swallowed up and delivered like an almighty  thunderous tornado with “Evilution “   yet another German Band to go on to my favorites list! And hopefully this band will get the attention they deserve.


Track listing:

1.    Sea of Sorrows

2.    50 Dead Men

3.    Digital Messiah

4.    Eternity

5.    The Flood

6.    Chosen One

7.    Pure Culture

8.    Embodiment  of Evil

9.    The Irish Brigade

10.All That Remains is Nothing










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