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                                                                                                World Fire Brigade

                                                                                Spreading My Wings    Frostbyte  

'Spreading My Wings' is a grungy rocking debut album from a band that has members of Fuel and Smile Empty Soul in its ranks, Brett Scallions, Sean Danielson,  Eddie Wohl and Ken Schalk.  'End of Silence' is a short intro, then 'Spreading My Wings' starts the album off with a barrage of drums and promises to be something a bit different than the norm.  The band really deliver with this track.  It’s harmonious and grungy and it spells the start of a good album.  

'All You Know' is very catchy and I can imagine a packed venue singing along to this.  Talking of catchy, we have 'Weight of The World' next, now this should get lots of airplay, it is instantly likeable and like 'All You Know', I can imagine this becoming a crowd favorite.  


The opening of 'Shell of Me' put me in mind of the Beach Boys!  I was scared for a minute, but thankfully, there’s the acoustic and electric guitars and Brett Scallions vocals ... Phew!  Actually I really like this song, apart from the start, it’s a really nice and a chilled out kind of track and features Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready.   

We have a really short track in 'Fly' and it’s mellow and soothing.  Then 'Don’t Walk Away' wakes you from the chilled out mode.

 This song has angst and passion, as does the next track featuring Rob Caggiano from Anthrax.  It is my favorite song on here.  Heavy, grungy, dynamic, a real teeth rattler. 


'Shot Down' is very rough, raw and angry.  I really liked the opening to this track, also I love the lyrics.  'All my Demands' is quite excellent and alternative, as you would expect from a band containing the musical history of it’s members.  'The Beginning of Madness' is a brief, but tuneful musical interlude, then you are dragged back into the grungy maelstrom as 'Never Saw The Wall' batters into your subconscious and features Rob Caggiano again. 

'Free And Sane' is a thrilling song, hard and full of angst.  Final song 'One' is a really great cover.  Well worked and nice finish to a top notch, rocking album.  'Spreading My Wings' is really going to shake up the metal world.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. End Of Silence
2. Spreading My Wings
3. All You Know
4. Weight Of The World
5. Shell Of Me
6. Fly
7. Don't Walk Away
8. Take Me Away
9. Shot Down
10. All My Demands
11. Beginning Of Madness
12. Never Saw The Wall
13. Free And Sane
14. One 

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