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                                          Live At The Mystic Frontiers Records  

For nearly 40 years the mighty Y&T have been plying their trade and after the stunning 'Facemelter' album, we have a live offering with the bands new line up recorded in California 2011.  


Since the sad passing of bassist Phil Kennemore, Brad Lang has taken on the worthy task of keeping Y&Ts music alive and 'Live at the Mystic' does not disappoint in the slightest.  This double CD contains all of the classics from the Y&T catalogue; from the stirring opening, you are taken on a roller coaster ride of hard rock greatness basically 'Live at the Mystic' has all of the well-known fan favourites and much more. 

There’s 'Forever', 'Dirty Girl', my personal Y&T favourite 'Meanstreak', it still sounds as good as it did in 1984!  The excellent 'Black Tiger', the awe inspiring 'Rescue Me', the list goes on and on.  

Of course there are some tracks from the excellent 'Facemelter', an album that shook the rock and metal world to it foundations on its release in 2010, especially as it was the first release from Y&T in thirteen years.  


There is the very apt '“On With the Show' opening proceedings on this album.  Then 'Shine On', 'Don’t Bring Me Down', 'Blind Patriot', 'Gonna Go Blind' and 'I'm Coming Home' are aired, just to really show what a phenomenal album 'Facemelter' is. 


Don’t forget the band has been going for nearly 40 years and have released a lot of albums, it just

shows how well regarded and loved the album is and in many ways it’s a shame it wasn’t released earlier in their career.  From great albums they even nip into the earlier albums that were not so well received, with tracks from 'Ten' and 'Contagious'.  As the two hours draw to a close 'Squeeze' is introduced as a hippy tune and Dave Meniketti asks the crowd to scream so loudly that ...  “Phil Kennemore will hear you all the way up in heaven!" ... I think it worked!


I am glad to say 'Summertime Girls' isn’t on here! Phew, a song you can live without! If you have been lucky enough to see the band live, you will know this is a genuine live album with no extra mixing and making the sound better shenanigans in the studio, I would say this is the real deal.  The whole band put in a hell of a performance throughout and they truly rocked the joint as they always do! There is not a dull moment on the album as Dave Meniketti and band take you through a life story of Y&T greatness, with guitar riffs galore and pulsating hard rock at its finest this album truly rocks!


Touching and excellent are words to describe this two hour work of art and I also think the whole album represents the bands amazing stage show, and if you have never seen them live, you really are missing out and should do so before they call it a day.  


Also check out the most recent Metal Meltdown Cloud cast as 'Live at the Mystic'” is our featured album!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Prelude
2. On With The Show
3. Black Tiger
4. Dirty Girl
5. Mean Streak
6. Girl Crazy
7. Shine On
8. Blind Patriot
9. Winds Of Change
10. Straight Thru The Heart
11. Gonna Go Blind
12. Surrender
13. I'm Coming Home



1. Hungry For Rock
2. Don't Wanna Lose
3. Don't Bring Me Down
4. Hurricane
5. I Believe In You
6. Eyes Of A Stranger
7. Rescue Me
8. Squeeze
9. Forever


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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