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                                                                                               Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard

                                                                                               Supersonic Rock N Roll

                                                                                               Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                               Release Date: 20th February 2017

Coming from The Land Down Under we have the superbly named Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard a Band who put the M in Mutha Fuckin Crazy  Dudes! These Antipodeans  groove into the room and schmooze the crowd with their insatiable Stoner Vibes.

Kicking  off  we get the  super lyrical , funny and habitually addictive "Grind The Grinder", be ready for Singer Rans (Sickman) commands to the females in the audience!

When I first heard this  song, I instantly became a fan of these New Bad Boys of Aussie Rock its a kick ass  number.

The next track "Dead Smile" was my favourite track on here, but to be fair this changes every time I hear any of the songs on this Album, this one is really the only Radio friendly song , as all the others are a bit too risque for the general public, the Only let down about this song for me is the electronica ending that goes on way to long!! But then again I suppose if you have inadvertently eaten some Mushrooms of a magical source it will appeal!!

Oh Now here we go , the stomping, groovy   "Galactic Motherfucker " pounds and pummels your chest cavity  with the booming and delectable rhythm section of  Leigh on Drums combined with Bassist Coop's thudding tones as Mark , and Darren (Fuck I'm Dead) weave some magical riffs with Rans beastly Vocals ,making sure that by the end of the song we are all dancing like   funky monkeys!


"Love For Speed" skids into your presence as you fill your Motorbikes with Gasoline and speed down the highway with a whiplash smile on ya chopz!

Ya know this isn't just a stoner release it is so much more for instance the previous track had a punky feel to it then "Roll n Burn" strikes up like a  match ready to light your joint as you chill , sitting on the veranda in your rocking chair down by the bayou, this is dirty downtrodden Blues magnificence, hell yeah , take in the fumes of this Blues soaked number that those good ole boys Lynard Skynard would have  been proud of!


Make a circle in the saw dust and lets have a "Fight Fight Fight" this booms out  curdling your brain cells as the band kick in some monstrous head banging riffs. You know these guys started out just jamming for fun and you can not but be in awe as they continue to amaze you with their musician ship and the different styles they incorporate in their music,  influences from Ministry to Seasick Steve shine through as well as the obvious lean to some of Australia's bad ass Rock n Roll Forbears  as the fist punching, chanting "Supersonic Rock N Roll" lays its hands on you! woah we are dragged back to the Bayou as "Bad Boy Benny" shakes your floorboards as the nails come  loose , dance about the floor as the Bluesy killer tune age steals you away into the night.


"God of No"  gets better and better as the song progresses   frying your brains with its mean and moody vibes making this one hell of a deviant smack down of killer Doom laden ecstasy! Now am pissed!! the tracks I have been sent to review don't include the bonus track!! arrrgh! so am on to the final track now :-(  (Crying  into my Fosters!)  "Judas" it is ,this is a devilish number to continue to get them feet a moving and ya body a shaking as these Victoria Rockers leave , having  embedded in your soul! 


The four piece got picked up thanks to their (Now) label mates and drinking buddies the awesome , mentally insanely catchy ,and grooving band Mammoth Mammoth  ,and their  recommendation to Napalm Records Executive.

We say Europe and beyond better beware and ready to Rock out , boogie on down , drink copious amounts of Beer and smoke some god damn strong weed ! 


Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard  I am sure  are gonna be hitting the the road in the not  distant future ,further afield than their homeland  hopefully with those Mammoth Mammoth dudes on a joint tour..Now that would be killer and would have more punches than a pissed off  Kangaroo after you had woken the critter from his mid day nap by blasting  "Galactic Motherfucker" in his ears !! Go and Buy this Album Ya just gotta go get it mate !!!  


Review: Seb Di Gatto          Score:8.9/10

Reviewed: 6.02.17

 Track Listing:

1. Grind The Grinder

2. Dead Smile

3. Galactic Motherfucker

4. Love For Speed

5. Roll'n Burn

6. Fight Fight Fight

7. Supersonic Rock'n Roll

8. Bad Boy Benny

9. God Of No

10. Judas

11. Sick Sad City (Bonus Track)


Band Members

Drums: Leigh Bass: Coop Guitar: Mark Guitar: Darren (Fuck Im Dead) Vocals: Ran (Discordia/ Sickman)     



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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