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The Metal Gods Meltdown  Website has evolved from a few pages to what it is today ..Showcasing  Interviews  (Video & Audio) and Album Reviews that have been done over the years and to date.

We are a basic Website it's our hobby and passion we don't make any money from this.

            ALL FOR THE LOVE OF METAL !! \m/









                                              Seb Di Gatto

I live for music as long as its hard fast an means summit!

Been into Metal / Rock since Motorheads Iron Fist, Maidens Run to the hills was in the charts and Bruce fog horn Dickinson was in his spandex and Madonna was still a virgin !! lol. 

Based in England and having the gift of the gab and natural flair for writing as well as saying what I think.   

I have managed to get through life's struggles and firmly believe that Metal and Rock music as well as my amazing wife of 25 years whom I lost to Cancer in 2017 helped me through to where I am today.

I continue to fight PTSD daily and somehow still keep on going!. Music is my "Lifeblood"  Heavy Metal/ Rock it's my passion and I continue in honor of my best friend, lover, and wife Alison "Bear" Caswell. R.I.P      FUCK CANCER

This site started off from humble beginnings to what it is today and continues to grow...

Our colorful and Basic Website continues to be read, shared, and viewed from every corner of the earth.

With regular features on Blabbermouth, Metal Hammer, to name but a few.

 We Have been lucky enough to cover Festivals in Belgium, Holland, Malta, Spain as well as the UK.

                                   Q AND A    

MM: When did you first get into Heavy Metal and  Rock:

Seb: I was 11 years old and I brought Iron Maidens "Women In Uniform" and for my  Birthday I got Motorheads "Iron Fist" Album.

MM: Ten Albums that  you love:

Depending on the mood and not in order!  This changes but today I would say:

1. Has to be Skid Row debut Album.. Yup it got me through my turbulent was wild!

2. Inflames  "I The Mask"  Got me through COVID and an awful last few months of 2021. Escaped a relationship with the coldest,  most manipulative person I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Nearly lost everything. This Album helped and is helping my recovery.

3. Metallica  "And Justice for all"  Love it!

4.Megadeth "Rust in Peace" gotta love  the Deth!

5. Twisted Sister "You Can't Stop Rock N Roll" is another one that got me through my youth

6. Amorphis  "Skyforger"  Fucking immense!

7. Iron Maiden  "Powerslave" Wore this Album out!

8.  Arch Enemy  "War Eternal"  ENERGY!

9. Skid Row "Slave To The Grind"  Kickass! ..its MONKEY BUSINESSS!

10. The Almighty  "Power Tripppin"  Seen these guys back in the day loads..Amazing Album! All Hail Ricky Warwick!!!

MM: Your  fave ever Interview you have done:


Seb: Has to be my namesake, Sebastian Bach! A Metal legend!! BUT ..wasn't in person I could have met him a few times in person but ..never meet your heroes! 

Also up there is Chris Jericho WWE star and Fozzy frontman. Getting pissed with Girlschool was fun! Oh Micheal Monroe in Fuengirola was rad !! So many really.

MM: Whom would you love to interview:

Seb: Sadly Pete Steele is no longer with us or Randy Rhoads. So living I would say 

Dee Snider,  Anders Frieden,  Angela Gossow &  Alissa from Arch Enemy

MM: Biggest achievement in life:

Seb: Still being here! Getting through the rock n roll insanity of my 20s! Meeting the love of my life Alison. Interviewing some major names in the Metal world and had the privilege of seeing my colleagues in action interviewing as I was training.

Fave  Song Today:

Nightrage  "Dance of Cerebus"  Love it!

Best  Festival you ever went to:

hmmm difficult..PPM in Mons was special errrm..Durbuy Belgium 2017 for many reasons..oh wait a minute Knebworth 1984!! lol I dunno man!

Fave Gig: 

Rammstein in Newcastle, Tesla,  Sebastian Bach in Glasgow too many tbh!

Worst gig :

Chimara was shit !

Motto: In life:

Treat me with love and  respect and you get it back 24-7

MM: Your top 5  Hates:


1. Cancer

2. Animal Cruelty

3. Manipulative people

4. Liars 

5. Homelessness

MM: Top Five Loves:

1. My soul mate..Alison "Bear" Caswell...I love and miss u 24/7 FUCK CANCER!

2. Tabby terror "Tabby James DIO" and Tabatha

3. The few and loyal close friends. You know who u are x


5.San Miguel

                                    Gina Logghe

MM: When did you first get into Heavy Metal and  Rock:
When did you first get into Heavy Metal and Rock
I think i was 13/14.
There was a concert i n Bruges with Bodine, Soggy, and many more. That's was my introduction into this amazing world of music.

MM: Five Albums that  you love:
Evanescence. : Fallen
Helloween : Keeper of the seven keys
Metallica : master of Puppets
Jethro Tull :Locomotive Breath
The Beatles : all of them

MM: Your  fave ever Interview you have done:

MM: Whom would you love to interview:
Steve Harris

MM: Biggest achievement in life:​
My kids 

Fave  Song Today:
Good enough Evanescence 

Best  Festival you ever went to:

Fave Gig : Pearl Jam in Antwerp, first gig after Roskilde


Worst gig : Werchter The Cure


Motto: In life: do what you love to do, and help others in need


​MM: Your top 5  Hates: people who lie, cheaters, homelessness, war, illness


​MM: Top Five Loves: my family, ly dogs, friends, interviews, gigs



 Dave "Chippy" Chipchase

The Metal Gods Rock Show was born/created in the summer of 2007 through my love of Rock & Metal and my desire to "put" something back into a genre of music that had been a massive part of my life for nearly 30 years ...
The show started off on Bishop FM and moved to its present home Radio Teesdale the following year where it has grown and prospered going from strength to strength ...
We've had the absolute pleasure of interviewing some of the genre's biggest names .. Phil Collen .. Biff Byford .. Michael Schenker .. Paul Di Anno .. Doro Pesch .. Danny Bowes and 100's more ...
The support for  The Metal Gods Rock Show made it one of the most listened to of all online and FM Rock shows.l ..    

                               Chippy \m/

We don't do  News, Tour updates, Best of The Year, So many sites do that and our advice is to always follow Ents and the big Metal Websites, etc for this News..

We are a totally non-pretentious Site.. it's all about the Music! 

                     "We Are What We Are"


                    PROUD TO BE INDEPENDENT! 

Heavy Metal / Rock is a passion and it's all that matters.Its about the METAL 24/7 \m/ \m/


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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