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                                 EP REVIEWS




Anti-Clone Human


Black Mirrors   Funky Queen


City of Thieves


Courtesans   Better Safe Than Sober     


Crnkshft  Crnkshft                                                     


Doll Skin   In Your Face    


Eleine  All Shall Burn


Eva Bartok  Eva Bartok


Hells Gazelles   Take Your Medicine

Hedra The Pecking Order


Images of Eden 


Indominus Legion Within   

Keychain  Breaking Out   

Past Five Detox      



Rage   My Way


Reverence  Foreverence


Salvation Jayne

Savage Machine

Shadows of Violence

Shooting Angels

Shotgun Rodeo The New Standard

Six Gun Saints

Sven Gali  3

The Great Discord Afterbirth

Vertilizar  Vertilizar


Vertilizar   Never Walk Alone


Vicious Nature VII


Vicious Nature   Silence Single

Vicious Nature Moment of Impact

Vicious Nature  Shadowlands Vicious Nature Shadowlands (


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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