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                                                                                                             The Great Discord

                                                                                                       Title: Afterbirth

                                                                                                       Label:The Sign Records

                                                                                                       Release Date: 22nd March 2019

The Great Discord are another stunning Band from Sweden having already released a couple of Albums and being lauded by Metal Hammer among others the five-piece return with an EP of extraordinary and imaginative tracks that have you addicted and craving more.

Opening with “Heart” the eclectic mix instantly has you transfixed as Fia Kempe’s Vocals draw you into an ecstatic state of progressive rocking heaven, its one hell of a start as the emotions and beats wash over you. Things progress with “Afterbirth” the experimental soundscape blending in some sonic elements in this twisted electro guitar powder keg of styles, transfixed? You will be!

“Army of me” has an industrial feel that oozes out of your speakers and continues to fascinate and enchant you, with its electronic dance vibe doused in metal. The piece de resistance is left to the end with the superb breath taking “Neon Dreaming” sending shivers and goose bumps into your being , it’s an exceptional piece that moves and holds you spellbound, its ethereal opening will give you goose bumps this is simply one of the most stunning songs you will ever hear.


Everything about this release hits you between the eyes with its intensity and progressive magic even down to the eye-catching artwork this is the full package and we can’t wait for a full Album, here at The Metal Gods Meltdown!

The next time the Band hit your shores be sure to catch them live. Having already supported Ghost and Katatonia and Metal Days festival to name but a few, this is a Band with a massive future ahead of them.

The Great Discord spend a lot of time and effort their live performances creating an atmosphere where the audial and visual elements transfix and beguile one, a most see and a must have EP!  


Review: Seb Di Gatto                Score: 5/5






3.Army of Me

4.Neon Dreaming


Band Line Up:

Fia Kempe / Vocals

Aksel Holmgren / Drums

André Axell / Guitars

Gustav Almberg / Guitars

Rasmus Carlsson / Bass


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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