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                                                                                                                           Doll Skin                                

                                                                                                                  In Your Face EP

                                                                                                                  Label: EMP


David Ellefson from Thrash monsters Megadeth has taken these Phoenix Punk Infused heroines under his Metal wing and big things are destined for Doll Skin who mix up a Punkish, alternative sound on their debut EP. First thing I thought when I heard them was L7 but what really really impressed me was that all of the band are under 20 years of age, the oldest being 19 , and lead singer Sydney Dolezal is only 16 Years old, you cannot fail to be impressed by this bands glitter fuelled, adrenalized sound.


“Family of Strangers” opens the EP it will get you shaking your head, bouncing off the floor, and singing along with the Girls, this is catchy as hell, and a great introduction to these Phoenix teenagers. They tear it up, they will amaze and delight the listener, wow it is so great to find a new breed of talented young female rockers in this day and age of X Factor etc etc ad nauseum! 

They will continue to amaze and beguile you as “Wring Me Out” opens, showing the bands pedigree it is going to be a sure fire winner live, and should be getting radio play worldwide.


“Let’s Be Honest” has some real angst, and bashes your head in as Sydney’s phenomenal vocals hook you in, Alex Snowdens riffs astonish and beguile you, while the bass from Nicole Rich and Drumming from Megan Shea Herring thud and resonate in your head.


Wow I mean FUCKIN WOW!! “Blind” is a beautiful melancholic absorbing piece that sends cold shivers up and down your spine, the backing vocals, the whole arrangement, will leave you open mouthed in wonderment.

“So Much Nothing” sees the band taking you in a different direction, it is very retro, and really delivers, not really Punk as such but nevertheless it’s a sure fire winner. Final track “Weatherman” I feel could have been left off, its good, but I don’t know I think the five tracks would have been enough to whet the listener’s appetite, but then on the other side of the coin I guess it’s good to hear the band Live, and what a response they get from the crowd.

So thumbs up from us here at The Metal Gods Meltdown!

Finally, …

I really , REALLY believe Doll Skin have the potential to become huge! Let’s hope they get the breaks they so richly deserve!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:8/10



1.Family of Strangers

2.Wring Me Out

3.Lets Be Honest


5.So Much Nothing

6.Weatherman (Live)                Facebook    Website





Members: Lead Vocals - Sydney Dolezal (16) Guitarist - Alex Snowden (16)

Bassist - Nicole Rich (17) Drummer - Meghan Shea Herring (19)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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