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                                                                                                     Label: Self-Titled 

                                                                                                     Release Date: March 24, 2017

Hailing from Vancover,Canada , Crnkshft  have released a new self titled  EP  , the four tracks  are full of Grunge influences and a killer  Metal delirium that will  capture your heart ,and ignite your mind.  "Systematic" kicks the release off in fine style ,with its bludgeoning , punishing Riffs its easy to see why this was the Bands first  Single, the lead guitars strings are flayed as the guys will have you banging your head and bouncing around the room this is a stylistic killer opener.


"Tears Me Apart" opens with a primal howl as the guitar shreds and the Drums pound into the room, the first time you hear this song it will indeed tear into your consciousness as well as tearing you apart!

Shane's Vocals do at times remind me of Layne Staley, and this is a major positive in my eyes  as the passion and delivery Crnkshft show   is awesome and  sure bodes well for these talented Canadians . 


 "Old Habits" emanates from your speakers,  the feeling of a tortured soul and menacing riffs encompass you , this would have fitted on any Alice in Chains Albums simply put its excellent!   

"Breaking The Silence" is a little slower than the rest of the tracks and brings this most superb four tracker to a close. 


This is the bands second EP ,they  released "Hard Fucking Rock" in 2015 and have toured with Lordi and Prong in the past ,  the Bands latest release gets full marks here from The Metal Gods Meltdown.


I for one will be Cranking out Crnkshft regularly these guys are the real deal. 



Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:5/5





Track listing:

1. Systematic 

2. Tears Me Apart 

3. Old Habits 

4. Breaking The Silence 


Band Members

Shane - Vocalist

Geoff - Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Seb - Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Tre - Bass 

Josh - Drums





The Metal Gods Meltdown

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