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                                                                                                                  City Of Thieves
                                                                                                                Label: Townsend Records 
                                                                                                                Release Date 22nd September
City of Thieves hail from London and release their debut EP in the middle of September they have gotten the industry buzzing with their pure unadulterated Hard Rocking grooves which hook you instantly into their hard rocking zone, this band are infectious with their quick fire riff's, and deliriously catching melodic delivery.

The Thieves launch into 'Incinerator'  it’s a boogying, devils horns to the sky, shaking your head number where you are drawn into the Jungle of groovetastic riff's that have the pure rock and roll vibe combined with a good slug of liquor this song is going to be amazing live , a number to get down and party to and indulging in some Hard Rock Chaos .


“Lay Me To Waste"” and the insanely catchy " “Buzzed up City"” continue the  heads down no-nonsense rock n' roll with big riff's , chunky bass lines, and a chorus that will  shake the foundations of clubs , bars ,and Festivals everywhere. Bloodstock and Planet Rock are in for one helluva a party when this band arrive on stage make sure you are there!  “"Here Comes The Shot” " has a defiance and attitude which oozes  from every orifice, as this song takes a hold and jumps on your body  wearing hob nail boots .


Final song is a whiskey soaked bar room number that shows the bands skills and expertise with acoustics , its straight outta the Southern States of The USA , and a song that many bands from that part of the world would be proud to have in their repertoire.

 These Londoners are a high Energy,  Never Say Die band who have a hell of an infectious attitude and a huge,  bright  future ahead of them.  I am looking forward to hearing ,and seeing more from this four piece of Thieves they will rock you and steal your soul !
Review :Seb Di Gatto 9/10

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2.Lay Me To Waste
3.Buzzed Up City
4. Here Comes The Shot
5.Mr. 50/50 (Live Acoustic)


Band Lineup

Vocals / Bass Jamie Lailey 
Guitar / Backing Vox Ben Austwick
Guitar / Backing Vox  Adam Wardle
Drums Backing Vox Will Richards


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