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                                                                                                                     Vicious Nature

                                                                                                           The Silence That Kills

Midlands finest Vicious Nature return with “The Silence That Kills”  and unlike the title of this song it is anything but quiet!! Stampeding outta the stalls the band take a hold of you and give you one massive shake !  they entice you into a frenzy of delirious riffs from Andy Southwell as the opening draws you in. Andy Pykes Vocals are remorseless and hissed out with venom.


“The Silence That Kills” is going to  blister venue walls and shake  foundations to the very core!  

A Battering Ram of momentous proportions takes a hold as JB Drums like a pissed of Demon on Ritalin and  Mark Culleys Bass booms awakening the minions of Hades .This is  Vicious Nature by name and they are hellishly Vicious in their delivery, this four-piece  rip into your cerebral cortex and  they never ever disappoint!


As usual this band deliver , destroying your brain cells as well as giving your neck one hellish workout while you sing yourself hoarse in tribute  to these Metal Gods! It’s Always a pleasure to review this band. Everything they produce is always perfection and Pure Heavy Metal.

At last this  band is getting to play festivals (one which I would love to see them play at is coming up in  Manchester  soon, I am unable to attend, but will be with them in spirit!) I know they will win over many new fans that night ,and blow all the other bands away without a doubt! All Hail



Band Lineup:

Vocals: Andy Pyke

Guitar: Andy Southwell

Bass:  Mark Culley

Drums :JB


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The Metal Gods Meltdown

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