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                                           Vicious Nature
                                            Label: Independent
The opening title "And So it begins" is an apt title to this new Ep from the midlands finest Vicious Nature. Love the dramatic build up as you prepare for the Heavy Metal onslaught of death deffying tuneage thats set to follow!
A true to the core Metal track streams out of your speakers as "Darkest Desires" pounds into the room with it massive guitar riffs mixed with a heady rhythm section, all capped with the power-driven vocals of Matt Gore  get you in a choke hold and pummels you into submisson with its fierce delivery. 
The band show their darker side with the title track "Shadowlands" my favourite on here its so catchy and works its magic as I keep replaying this monster tune. The metal riffs just come thick and fast on the superb "Fever", its the old school metal attributes of harsh guitar riffs and big drums mixed with those phenomenal vocals make the hairs on your neck stand up on end.
Matt Gore  once again showing his vocal might along with Andy Southwells relentless riff building and the thunderous rhythm section of JB Brown  and  Declan Parry keeping it all together as the delicious "Sanctury of Souls" casts a spell on you.
The band come out all guns blazing on the rifftastic , "Fever"  this is a metal as it comes, full on under a head of steam, the headbanging express just keeps on rolling as the band unleash hell  the rhythm section bombard this one with a thunderous bass and a pounding drum beat, and a massive track to ,  one for the traditionalists out there, as the old school metal is allowed to run free. This  rounds off a stellar EP from the band and will surely put them back on the metal map in 2024.

1.And So It Begins
2.Darkest Desires
4.Sanctury of Souls

Band Line up:
Andy Southwell Guitars/ Backing Vocals
Declan Parry   Bass
J B Brown Drums
Matt Gore   Vocals

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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