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                                                                      Shooting Angels
                                                                    Deal With The Devil

                                                                      Label: Independent
Hailing from Switzerland this four piece have released a sterling, strong and competent  E.P in  "Deal With The Devil"   what you get is four tracks  of Rock inspired music with touches of Heavy Metal these Swiss rockers kick serious backside!

The band fronted by the sexy and luscious  Lola Van Loo  capture the essence of good time music with intelligent lyrics and some exciting , captivating musicianship throughout , this the bands debut EP, well  you cant go wrong. Opening with  deep and heavy tones  the band  launch into  the title track"Deal With The Devil"  Shooting Angels steal your soul and capture the room with some delicious riffs to rock Satan's cellar, they draw you in and rock your very  being.


"Mirror Mirror" really shows us that Lola can deliver some divine power from her vocal chords and  Alex "Black Cat" drums with some crashing blows as the Mirror reflects and cracks under this bludgeoning number.


My favourite track without a doubt is the totally addictive "Shooting Angels" Lee "The Kid" on Bass and Fabian on Lead screech and burn your ear drums with some stunning riffs and deep bass lines  this has to be one of the best songs from an up and coming band I have heard in a long time ,a superb song that's catching and very addictive.


Final track "This is War"  has been released on video and is well worth checking out, its animated and very clever. To the song ,I love the chugging guitar and harmonious feeling as the Metal and Hard rocking grooves delve deep into your soul .. Simply an excellent EP ..   The band call themselves  Apocalyptic Rock and their stage shows  represent this, as well as the bands artwork, making their shows something to be remembered . The future looks bright for Shooting Angels , make sure you check them out !

Tracklisting:                                        Score: 8.5/10
1.Deal With The Devil
2.Mirror Mirror
3.Shooting Angels
4.This is War


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Band Members :

Lola Van Loo - Vocals
Lee "The Kid" - Guitars/Bass
Alex "Black Cat" - Drums
Fabian - Guitars


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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