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                                                                   Shadows of Violence


                                                                                                     Label: Independent

                                                                                                     Release Date: ITS OUT NOW!

Shadows of Violence hail from Leeds and recently released their blistering EP named “Rise” it’s hard hitting unleashing its venom and will see you instantly stretching your neck muscles as you bang your head and delight in the pure Metal onslaught on the opening salvo” Breeding Vengeance” Chris Moules vocals are gritty and strong as he declares  “I Won’t Forgive What You Have Done” and you better damn well believe it!  The guitar riffs are thrashing , stupendously addictive and will see you moshing away on the bus , in the house , and most important of all when you see these guys live!


Talking of Live the killer “Green Eyed Monster“ follows and is sure to be lapped up live with the chanting title and the amazing delivery , it makes you feel like you are in the deepest depths of Metal Underground Hell ,this is the standout song for me on this five track monster with deep bass grooves delivered by Kieran Mitchell.

“Scars of a Fracture” sees Michael Burrows beating his drums into submission as this delirious number beats  your brain cells into infinity, combined with  some stonking vocals  delivered by Moules  and  frenetic riffs courtesy of George Watts and Martin Haigh on Guitars.


“Swing For the Light” is a bruising piece that thuds , batters and  beats faster than a cardiac arrest. 

Final song “Through The Looking Glass” is savage  smashing and splintering the glass ,embedding shards deep into your consciousness making sure you won’t be forgetting Shadows of Violence anytime soon!


So to sum up this a competent ear splitting release that’s unrelenting 100 % Purest Metal and should see the band making an even bigger impact around the Underground scene and Much Much More!    


Review:Seb Di Gatto   Score:8.5/10        Facebook   Website



1.Breeding Vengeance

2. Green Eyed Monster

3.Scars of a Fracture

4.Swing For The Light

5. Through The Looking Glass  




Vocals - Chris Moules

Guitar - Martin Haigh

Guitar- George Watts

Drums - Michael Burrows

Bass - Kieran Mitchell

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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