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                                                                                                     Title: Live to Regret

                                                                                                     Label:Exitus Stratagem Records 

                                                                                                     Release date:7th November 2022

Who remembers January 2020, pre face nappy frenzy, injection covid days? Then by the March, we were locked down and chaos ensued around the world, as we all kept everyone safe. Many uncertainties and chaos ran rampant in many people’s lives both personally and professionally as many of us fucked up big style and got into relationships that were hard to escape and narcissistic manipulation was not just run by the state!! Many mistakes were made, and ideas and songs will have been born from this period as the guys unleash their sixth album “Live to Regret” which is like living through those times but in a groovy, stone-leaden dream of delight.

The title track “Live to regret” opens this album up with its booming bass and chugging guitar swinging into the room with the heavy drumbeats pounding away this is a heroic opener leading to the first song released from this opus the outstanding “Collateral Damage” a song I can't get enough of with its lyrics touching home for me as do a  fair few tracks on this platter if am honest, this is a meaty morsel of sludgy metal that peels the skin with its delivery. Like the previous track, this has a personal theme for me, its intentions and meaning hits home, love the way this song winds and works into your conscience, breathing life into your soul as you let go of the bitterness and animosity of being weak and led into a “War of Attrition”.

Next, we get a metal ballad as “Saint” pounds out of your speakers, this slow doom number is so addictive. Then the thrashy “Cannibals” delivers on all fronts as its face-melting riffs emanate into the room it blasts and reminds us of those covid19 days of misery, with metal, headbanging insanity. With its thumping rhythms “Betrayed” has a magnetic feel to it with its foot-stomping feel, this spirals into your soul. “Big Brother” plays tricks in your head with some meaty hooks and retro-inspired riffs this song deals with the zombification of humanity as we become more and more reliant on technology, which leads nicely into the stomping “Dancing with Disaster”.

My favorite tracks on here for me are the excellent “Never Forget” and the addictive “Well Enough Alone” both dealing with unhealthy situations we may find ourselves in, and being brave and stoic enough to escape, these are two tracks I often listen on repeat at the gym, with their doomy grooves battering your senses.  The album comes to its conclusion with “Juliet” an industrial thriller, its dramatic and foreboding theme is about a serial killer and his obsession, this would be epic on a horror movie score!


This platter is heavy melodic ear candy that drips with deep and mesmeric face-melting tones and grinding rhythms.


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10



Track Listing:
1. Live to Regret
2. Collateral Damage
3. War of Attrition
4. Saint
5. Cannibals
6. Betrayed

7. Big Brother

8. Dancing with Disaster
9. Never Forget
10. Well Enough Alone
11. Juliet (2022 Version)

Band Lineup:

Eric Aittala – Guitar/Vocals
Ali Lugo – Bass
Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith – Drums

1616810742540_Austin Taft - Band Photo 1

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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