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                                                                                          Label: Scarlet Records

Former Angra front man Edu Falaschi's band Almah have released an album to be savoured, it’s heavy, progressive and really good.  'In My Sleep' opens proceedings with its heavy, melodic and powerful opening you kind of know you are in for a real treat.  Almah deliver on all fronts and then some as my personal favourite 'Beware The Stroke' starts slowly then builds into something simply amazing.  Falaschi's vocals hold such depth and it is quite simply the best track on this opus, love the guitar solo as the track nears its end, it is goose bumps and the hairs standing up on your neck kind of musicianship.  


'The Hostage' is a meaty number with a grinding opening.  Then 'Warm Wind' slows everything down, it’s a ballad that wouldn’t look out of place on a Bon Jovi record.  It’s my least favourite track on here, it’s okay but a bit too much schmaltz for me.  Thankfully the tempo is upped a bit with 'Raise The Sun', it’s basically a radio friendly song.  'Cannibals in Suits' puts a bit of metal back into proceedings.  It's chuggy and the drums are truly flayed, it rocks your socks off. 


'Wings of Revolution' is a slower number but really has an edge to it, with a sing-along “whoa a whoa” thrown in.  It’s really enjoyable and has top 40 written all over it.  The guitarmanship halfway through 'Believer' is simply superb.  This is a catchy bouncing number.


'I Do' has to be the heaviest track on here, it verges between heavy as hell and melodic changing tempo throughout. These Brazilians go all out on 'Treasure of the Gods', it’s nearly ten minutes of outstanding music.  It has everything added into the mix and really needs to be checked out!  


The album finishes with 'Farewell', it’s a melancholic number and gives you goosebumps. 

It’s a lovely closer to a super opus.  I wouldn’t class all of the tracks as heavy metal on here, it's symphonic, hard rock with grit and veers at times into power metal mode and it does deliver, but I feel it’s a bit disjointed at times to be honest, but having said that, the stunning musicianship doesn’t disappoint at all and 'Unfold' is really a must for your collection. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. In My Sleep 2. Beware The Stroke3. The Hostage4. Warm Wind5. Raise The Sun6. Cannibals In Suits7. Wings Of Revolution8. Believer9. I Do10. You Gotta Stand11. Treasure Of The Gods12. Farewell

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