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                                                                                               ANA Interview   30/01/24

MM:  Your debut EP "The Art of Letting go" doesn't get released til March, how impatient are you guys for release date

ANA: We have spent so much time working on these songs over the last year and are brimming with anticipation to share it with the world.


MM: You released "Moth" to rave reviews world wide, how pleasing is it to see your hard work starting to bring such results ANA: Before we released the song I had a feeling that it would do well but nothing prepares you for the emotions that come from seeing people love the track as much as we do.


MM: Your sound is electrifying deep and intense. How would you describe your sound in four words ANA: Progressive, Symphonic, Black, Popcore


MM:Tell us about this magazine you have released as well, it sound intriguing

JOSH: When we started gigging we knew that we needed some kind of merch to sell. We wanted to do something that was different and unique to us. At the time I was already in the process of developing another comic so it kinda made sense for us to work on creating these characters based on the band. Ana, my brother and I worked closely together to craft the story and we plan to continue the comic series alongside the band.


MM: Love the band logo (the serpent) it wud make a cool tattoo are u gonna get it done ?

ANA: If our next music video hits 10 million views Josh and I will get it done.

MM: Will you be having a release party and plans to stream it live

ANA: At the moment we have planned a release party at the iconic Cherry Bar for our next single, OUROBOROS which is releasing on 23/2/24. We will be live streaming it to our twitch channel.


MM: Which would you say is your favourite track on the EP today and why

ANA: It’s hard for me to choose as I love all of them for different reasons but if I had to pick, I’d say “I’m not the one”. It has a massive and powerful sound, like a big piece of steak and it’s a lot of fun to perform live. JOSH: My favourite track is OUROBOROS. It’s a song that builds in intensity from start to finish and is just as much fun for the band to play live as it is for the audience dancing along to it.


MM: Plans for tour and festivals for the year and do u hope to spread your wings worldwide

ANA: Yes we can’t wait to take our show on the road and are in the process of making touring plans.


MM: Which Band would be your ultimate touring buddies ANA: Evanescence and Epica JOSH: Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold


MM:The world of music continues to change constantly how hard is it to get noticed and get recognition for your work ANA: It is extremely difficult but no dream worth achieving comes easily. It’s a constantly changing environment and we are continually learning as we go along.

MM:What album first introduced u to rock/metal music

ANA: Scorpions - Love at first sting JOSH: Metallica - Black Album

MM:If there was a song about yourself what would it be called ANA: Drinking my Tears JOSH: contemptus mundi


MM:What superpower would you choose for your self for one day ANA: Seeing into the future JOSH: Mind Control


MM: Four words to describe ANA

ANA: Timeless, Unique, Extraordinary, Spellbinding


5 fast questions:

1.Festival or small intimate gig ANA: Festival

2.Kangaroo or koala ANA: Koala

3.vinyl or digital ANA: Digital

4. vegemite or beer ANA: Beer

5. Airbourne or Parkway drive JOSH: Parkway Drive


Final Words for your fans and our readers Live your best life to its fullest… and also presave our EP The Art of Letting Go  


Instagram: @ana.bandofficial

TikTok: @anabandofficial

Twitter: @anabandofficial




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