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                                                                                                           Title: Arms

                                                                                                           Label: Arising Empire

                                                                                                           Release Date: 17th August 2018

Annisokay release their fourth Album “Arms” on the 17th of August and to say it’s a ground breaking Melodic Core Metal masterpiece is an understatement, fuck yeah I have seriously been addicted to this release since it landed in my lap at the start of the month.

The opening track “Coma” hits a raw nerve in me its fantastic the lyrics raw emotion and feeling does something to you... it’s  totally awesome to listen to at the gym and stirs me up and gives me so many different feelings, be it defiance, tears, pain, its such a strong opener as Dave Grunewalds shouts blisters the paintwork and the Vocal might of Christoph Wieczorek sends shivers up and down your spine, love the intensity of this song and its one I really cannot go through a day with out listening to five to ten times a day at the moment!

The rhythm and melodic potency throughout “Arms” will blow your mind as “Unaware” blasts out of your speakers and grabs you by the throat with its compelling chorus and pounding momentum.


Up next the barrage just dosent stop as the Rhythm section of Norbert Kayo (Bass) and Nico Vaeen (Drums) pound out the back beat as Phillip Krezschmars riffs combined with Wieczoreks Vocals and Guitar man ship entice and draw you in combined along Grunewalds barks on “Good Stories” man the lyrics seriously kick ass! “Fully Automatic” is a shotgun headbanging menace that leaves the listener in awe with its clever lyrical theme and defiant snarls. “Sea of Trees” continues the ferocity and is another song that hits me hard with its intelligent deep meaningful content, love the line “Your Pain won’t die with you”.

The next track gives you a very brief breather with its gentle opening on “Innocence was here” and reminded me a little bit of Linkin Park in parts, which is always a good thing.. right? The band rise to a new level of excellence with the “End of the world” this time Wieczorek takes centre stage without any shouts on this track, this guy Christoph Wieczorek has to be one of the best singers in the whole Metal scene, his depth and delivery is so penetrating and profound.


“Escalators” brings the platter back up to speed with its fiery double kick drumming as Grunewald returns to the helm with his venomous growls. “Private Paradise” features a guest appearance from Fronzilla, its totally insane and astonoshing! Penultimate track “One Second” Vaeens towering drums and Kayos thumping bass lines being the dominant factor on this one, while the guitars act as a rear-guard action on this Core monster, that twists turns and surprises. “Locked out Locked in” concludes this work of art its full-on guns blazing melodic core Metal heaven!   


Having never listened properly to these Teutonic maestros before I can not rate and recommend this release enough, I love everything about this Band and I will be getting to see these guys live as soon as possible, make sure you go and lie in the “Arms” of Annisokay!!!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5/10




1.Coma Blue 
3.Good Stories 
4.Fully Automatic
5.Sea of Trees 
6.Innocence Was Here 
8.End of the World 
10.Private Paradise (ft. Fronzilla) 
11.One Second 
12.Locked Out, Locked In 


Line up

Dave Grunewald - Shouts

Christoph Wieczorek - Clean Vocals/Guitar

Philipp Kretzschmar - Guitar

Norbert Kayo - Bass

Nico Vaeen - Drums



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