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                                                                                                                 Another Lost Year

                                                                                                          Alien Architect

                                                                                                          Label:EMP Label Group

                                                                                                          Release Date: 12th August 2016

Released just in time for hot hazy summer nights Another Lost Year  from Charlotte USA deliver some pure Rock and Roll party anthems from their album “Alien Architect” it opens with a clip from TV series “Newsroom” where the dialogue tells  how it is regarding the USA's delusion that they are the greatest country in the world that then leads into the biting, and excellent “Wolves” it's deep and dark meanings hit home as does the awesome, deeply  gripping and thought provoking  “Bastard Sons” the lyrics dig deep and is a personal favourite of mine on the album.

 “Trigger Finger” says it all in the  title,it is so relevant to the hatred and killings  that continue to happen in the “greatest” (sic) country in the world.


The mood is lightened with the “Best is Yet to Come” it touches on being a ballad but isn’t if that makes sense it is uplifting, and the vocal echoes give you the chills as the guitar riffs emanate out of your speakers it takes you into a dream like euphoric state .

“Run The Tank Out” sees you pushing the peddle to the metal as you speed down the highway, this song burns the rubber on your tyres , and will have you singing along in full voice as the band turn the ignition and race your heart on this fun fuel inspired piece. 

“This is Life” has some grunge inspired tones that are cavernous , immersed in darkness.

“He Took Beautiful Away” changes the mood  again ,this  is a sad but uplifting song that I feel you need to be in the right mood to listen to it is about heartbreak as the title obviously suggests and is a melancholic piece. “Memories” like the previous song has a deep personal thought provoking feel and is difficult to listen to on the wrong day if that makes sense, it’s truly beautiful but be warned you may cry!


Thankfully the band return to some  grittier and more rocking vibes with “We All Die Alone” it’s a middle finger to death that beats and resounds around the room , it will have you punching the air and  singing the chorus in vitriolic defiance!  “On and On” continues to keep you moving and thumping your chest as the refrain pounds into your consciousness.


 The final track “Holding on /Letting Go” brings this Super Album to it's end, it is a  rousing , inspirational finish , you just know this band have a great future ahead of them.

Another Lost Year take on the social issues, while being lyrically serious and deep ,they deliver one hell of a rockin, boogying Album to please and enthuse you. Grab it  and play it loud at your beach barbecues , and sing your lungs out when these guys visit your hometown live!


Review:Seb Di Gatto  Score:9 /10





3.Bastard Sons

4.Trigger Finger

5.Best is Yet To Come

6.Run The Tank Out

7.This is Life

8. He Took Beautiful Away


10.We All Die Alone

11. On And On

12.Holding on /Letting Go


Band Members

Clinton Cunanan (vox/guitar)

 Adam Hall (bass/vox)

 Jorge Sotomarino (guitar/vox)

 Nathan Walker (drums/vox)

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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