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                                                                                                ATTRITION  Interview   02/02/20



MM: Which two tracks would you play me  to introduce us to your Band

A difficult choice as there have been so many…..  let’s start with the new single… out this week…
and a song from our 2004 album, Dante’s Kitchen…


MM: Can you give us details on tours/festivals for the rest of the year and going into 2020

I have just started setting up shows for 2020, in support of our new single, The Great Derailer… and album, The Black Maria…out later in 2020… so far confirmed…

April 3rd: The Tin, Coventry, UK
June 13th: Woodgothic Festival, Sao Thome Das Letras, Brazil
June 17th - Gothic Ba, Buenos Aires, Argentina June 19th - Producciones Mortem Collections, Santiago de Chile
June 20th - Tumbas Eternas Producciones, Lima, Perú
November 28th: Winter Ghosts Symposium, Whitby, UK


MM: What can we expect from  ATTRITION  live

A mix of electronics, malke and female vocals and keys… often joined by guests (as on the albums) on Guitar or Violins… maybe cello… a varying line up around founder Martin Bowes.


MM: Can u tell me what do you like best about touring And worst?

I love the travel… seeing new places, meeting people.. getting to hear new music from the bands we tour with… we’ve toured a lot of the world and been very happy that has happened…. Not always easy as everything can and will go wrong at some point… I think its getting to learn from that and getting over it and moving on that counts in the end…


MM: Who would be your ultimate bands to tour with 
I never think about that… I have my favourite bands but I don’t need to tour with them… we all do our own thing I think…


MM: With so many Bands out there.. How do you intend to stand out from the others?
I don’t worry about it too much…just do my own thing… Ultimately it has to work for me…. It has to mean something to me… In the end if I can put myself into the music then it will be personal and will have its own space…


MM: When did you first realise you had such a musical talent and do you remember your first ever performance

I never thought I had musical talent…I started out as a visual artist and still “see” music in a lot of ways… a reason I love making soundtrack music  (we have scored a few indie horror films over the years)… I also work as a producer and mastering engineer in my studio here (The Cage)… so I do have an idea how to make music…but much more as a producer than a musician…


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

The first shows I ever went to…that inspired me to make music myself… were punk bands in the late 70’s…. so The Clash, Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Damned… and then Siouxsie and Human League in the early days… the darker sound and electronics…which is when my musical inspiration started to kick in…


 MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with ATTRITION

I think more than all the albums and tours… I’m  most proud that at least 2 women in the USA are called “Harmony” after my song “A girl called harmony” (1991) … their parents were fans…and I eventually got to talk to both of them… J


MM:  Which are your Two favorite  albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

That’s really difficult… but I would say…for today….
Roxy Music – For your pleasure … I loved this at age 14 and still do today…the combination of art and music and upbeat songs and soundtracks has inspired my music….
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures…. Such a perfect sound and wonderful, if lost, soul…. An inspiration to me then and now…


MM: Where would you like to see yourselfs in 5 years time ?

I would think I would still be searching for something that is almost out of reach….  I get there sometimes….but never enough


MM: Four words to describe ATTRITION

Beginning. Of. The. End.


MM: Can you tell me why we should check out ATTRITION I never listen to ATTRITION once the music is made… not properly, or very rarely… so I may be the worst person to tell you that…. Thank you for the interview…. Martin Bowes. Coventry, England. 2020



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