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                                                                                                                    Audrey Horne 

                                                                                                               Date: 10 January 2013   

MM: Hi Toschie,  great to meet you and thanks for your time. 
Toschie: Great to meet you too.


MM: Your new album 'Young Blood' is outstanding and is the bands fourth release, how much of a progression is it from your previous work?
Toschie: I would say it’s a major move forward and the band sounds a bit different from our earlier releases and I feel we have progressed to the sound we want on 'Young Blood'.


MM: Favourite songs on 'Young Blood' and why?
Toschie: Well, whenever you have a new piece of work out, it is always hard to choose a favourite as they all are really. But having said that I would choose 'Pretty Little Sunshine', it’s a major step forward for us, and yeah I think it’s my favourite track on 'Youngblood' the whole album is a major progression from our earlier work.


MM: I really like 'Redemption Blues', it is really great, which song would you recommend to someone who has not listened to Audrey Horne before?
Toschie:  'Redemption Song' is one I would choose, it has everything in that song, the musical arrangements and everything are really what Audrey Hornes sound is about, and yes that’s one I would point someone towards as it encapsulates the bands work.  


MM: You are on the road in support of 'Youngblood' soon, any favourite country’s to play?
Toschie: We really enjoy Germany and always get a great reception there, and I would say that’s the bands strongest country as far as support for the band, with our home country of course. Also it’s always great to tour the UK, Sweden and anywhere else.


MM: What music inspired you growing up, and inspires you and the band now?
Toschie: We were all kind of influenced by hard rock bands such as Kiss, Van Halen, that whole hard rock sound as well as bands like Slayer.  But with Audrey Horne, well like any band, people are going to have comparisons, but we try and sound like “Audrey Horne”, a melodic, sexy, in your face hard rocking band.  We have various influences and I hope it shows in our music, we seem to have a varied fan base.


MM: What’s the band going to be up to after the European tour? 
Toschie: We are playing Sweden Rocks and have a few other festival dates lined up, but I am not allowed to say any more about them at the moment.  2013 is going to be an exciting and very busy year, but I can’t say too much at the moment!


MM: How is the metal scene in Norway and do you feel people don’t associate the country with Black Metal so much these days? 
Toschie: Well Black Metal is still very popular and a lot of young bands are starting on the road with Black Metal.  But you know bands such as Enslaved and Satyricon are still Black Metal, but have progressed as time has gone on, they have developed their sound, while keeping to the genre but expanding their music.  But on the whole the Metal scene in Norway is very healthy, but I would say Audrey Horne is the sexy band from Norway! 


MM: Away from Audrey Horne do you have any side projects?
Toschie: No I don’t, I do nearly all of the interviews and my concentration is fully on everything Audrey Horne such as the merch, and all of the other things that are involved in being in a band.  But I also do art and design for bands, as well as being a tattooist, when I do get the time.  I have done some other work but really I don’t have the time.  


MM: Why the name “Audrey Horne”? 
Toschie : We were looking for a unique sounding name and one of the guys came in and threw in the name Audrey Horne as he had been watching a lot of Twin Peaks.  So we thought yeah that’s a really cool name, it did confuse one guy at a gig we were playing as he thought Audrey Horne was going to be a lady singer! But hey he loved the show and the music.  Also Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks is very hot and sexy, almost as sexy as us!  Oh and David Lynch is one of our favourite directors too! 


MM: Any messages to give to your fans and our readers.
Toschie: Yes please grab a hold of 'Youngblood' and catch us on the road soon, our shows are very energetic and we will blow you away with the raw energy.  


Interview by: Seb Di Gatto


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