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                                                                                    Audrey Horne
                                                                         Pure Heavy  Napalm Records 
Following on  from the  tremendous "Young Blood" Norways favourite hard rockers have returned with a Majestic new album titled "Pure Heavy"  its an album that is more suited  for driving down the freeway in California, than Norway if you get my gist.

Its  an album of sunshine, heat and good time rocking grooves, not the fjords and vistas of Norway!


Opening with "Wolf In My "Heart" its instantly appealing with a The Who vibe going on at the intro, it grows into a memorable opener  from these Norse  Gods of Rock.  

Its actually only a year since "Youngblood" and like an out of control roller coaster Audrey  Horne take you on a journey of ecstasy with "Holy Roller" the ups a and downs of the ride absorb and thrill you, its breathtaking.


The influences are clear on "Pure Heavy its quite retro, and thankfully Audrey Horne have really shaken the shackles of grunge from their sound of the early days for instance Thin Lizzy came to mind with "Out of The City" never a bad move in my mind.
And  at times you hear Ozzy era Sabbath, with Alice In Chains overtones thrown into the  rocking maelstrom of  greatness that is Audrey Horne.


"Volcano Girl" has a" whoa whoa" added and will have crowds singing along with the band and  Iron Maiden enters your mind! See,  that's how brilliantly these guys mix up all the sounds of your favourite Heavy Metal Hard Rocking bands and deliver! Point in fact is the excellent "Tales From The Crypt" with the cheeky "Sweet Leaf" cough we getThe band busting lyrical  about the crypt, Marvellous!!!

Now for me what has to be possibly the most beautiful melodious  one  minute thirty of music I have ever heard.

"Diamond" is about leaving your home , sailing away to never return, reminded me of ships leaving Ireland (a place close to my heart) to escape the famine bound  for the USA..Its a really moving , chilling acoustic song,truly  exceptional! 


"Into The Wild "  see the band on full throttle, its fast, and furious , it will have you bouncing around the room. "Gravity" has deep and booming opening riff's like all the album its intelligent, snappy, and melodious lyrics envelop you.

Its really hard to choose a favourite or strongest track on here , but maybe edging it just, is "High And Dry"  the middle section of the song is where the band excel with  a short instrumental section of the piece, stunning  work.


Penultimate track "Waiting for The Night" continues the good time shining, happy feeling hard rocking vibe this  whole opus gives you.  "Boy Wonder" is the final track to what, for me , has to be the Hard Rock Album of the year !! Grab a hold of this album and be "PURE HEAVY" with the Norwegians!

Review: Seb Di Gatto


    Track Listing:
   1.Wolf In My Heart
    2.Holy Roller
    3.Out Of The City
    4.Volcano Girl
    5.Tales From The Crypt
    7.Into The Wild
    9.High And Dry
    10.Waiting For The Night
    11.Boy Wonder

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