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                                                                                    Overture To Madness    Label: Pure Steel Records
                                                                                              Release Date 6th March
 Axemaster have been around on the underground scene for thirty years in one form or another ,and have signed to German Label Pure Steel Records , with only one original member in the group Joe Sims , Axemaster have had many changes over the years and are a band I vaguely remember from my youth.

 "Overture For Madness" is due to released in early March, The band play traditional Metal with a flair for Speeding Power Metal delivered in darkened tones.

The album opens with "Entering Madness" its 48 seconds that build and release the beast from its strait jacket as "Sanity's Requiem" delivers a chugging and heavy opening it sees you ripping off the shackles as Geoff McGraws vocals deliver a sinister , malevolent feel.


"Overture to Madness" Is very much stuck in a time warp of eighties Metal I would say,  but for me that is not a bad thing as it was then that I found my love for this thing we call Heavy Metal.
Delving deeper into the album you find its lyrical content to be deep and mysterious,  this is a proper old school Metal band delivering the goods! Tracks like the excellently Named "Thirty Pieces of Silver" Really stand out, the riffs and sharp shock treatment the band deliver will have you headbanging and straining the sinews of your neck muscles as the guitars ascend and descend.


For me the aptly Named "Sinister" works its magic with its ominous tones and foreboding intent, its even crossing into Doom Metal, a song that weaves its magic and stays stuck in you mind, scream "SINISTER"! and listen to the flesh burning solos its the album winner for me. The final song called "Epic" is exactly that, running well over seven minutes, its Metal hammering smashes your skull!


This is an album that's full to the brim of classic Metal headbanging delirium, there's nothing new or unique here ,but so what !!! Listen and play this Mutha LOUD and enjoy its delivery of neck snapping delirium.

 Review: Seb Di Gatto Score: 7.5                           Facebook    Website           


 01. Entering Madness
 02. Sanity's Requiem
 03. Forsaken
 04. Dream or Nightmare
 05. Thirty Pieces of Silver
 06. Crimson Haze
 07. Peeling Skin
 08. Sinister
 09. Statute of Liberty
 10. Ashes
 11. Chylde
 12. Dark Souls
 13. Epic


 Axemaster lineup:
 Geoff McGraw - vocals, rhythm guitars
 Joe Sims lead guitars
 Denny Archer - drums
 Jim Curtis - bass

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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