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                                                                          Ban Bianca

                                                                                          Title: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is

                                                                                          Label: Independent

                                                                                          Release Date:25th April 2018

Sweden just keeps churning out amazing Bands and Ban Bianca are another fine example of kick ass attitude from this country of pure bred Rock N Roll.

The enigmatic four piece from Stockholm deliver Pure Modern Metal with a twist of hard hitting Rock that’s enthuses and abuses your senses, on this the Bands Debut.


Opening with the title track “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is” a gentle introduction thats leads into delirious tracks of brutality and fist punching abandonment as these talented musicans put their mark on you with their ferocious and addictive musician ship.

“Among Thieves" is punchy as hell as the drums are annihilated by Kim Persson and heavy-laden bass from Kimmy Roxx bombards you and creates a mosh-pit in your head. 

 I love the swirling guitars from Fredrik Persson and the growly venomous Vocals make this and the next track “Blame it on Rock N Roll” my personal favourites on this platter.

“Blame it on Rock N Roll” drips and scolds with its delicious delivery and has you singing your lungs out as the chorus embeds itself into your brain. 


The next track is fuckin hostile as “All Guns Away” batters and smashes your face in with its killer Vocals and head splitting momentum. Every track on this release will leave you breathless as you delve deep into this platter it has many surprises and face melting moments that enthuse and beguile you.

The final track is uplifting and enchanting as “Dernier Jour De Cirque” washes and rocks into your soul.


This album is diverse and really does not disappoint in the slightest, and is worth spending your hard earned money on without a doubt.


Review: Seb Di Gatto            Score: 8/10          Facebook




1.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is (Intro)

2.Sry For The Darkness

3.Among Thieves

4.Blame it on the Rock N Roll

5.All Guns Away

6.Whatever Light up your night

7.Dernier Jour De Cirque


Band Members

Fredrik Persson Guitar
Kimmy Roxx.   Bass
Victor Ekvall.   Vocals
Kim Persson.   Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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