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                                                                                                                     Bang Tango
                                                                                        Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt   78 Productions

Bang Tango have been knocking about since 1989 and have always seemed to have missed the boat, which is a damn shame, their first two albums 'Psycho Cafe' and the excellent 'Dancing On Coals' were both accepted into the Glam, Sleaze, Hard Rock world with enthusiasm and respect, as Bang Tango mixed Funk-infused hard rock and glam metal and were more than just your average hair band.


The band split after their third album 'Love After Death' in 1994.  Well they are back, reformed after having numerous line ups, singer Leste has put his band Beautiful Creatures on hold, (Well kind of back because Leste is the only original band member).  However they do not disappoint. 


Bang Tango are still going strong, still touring and alive and well on the scene.

New album 'Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt' is a classic sounding album, as soon as you hear the sleazy and strangely named 'Dick In The System', you could be right back when this band were in their prime on the Sunset Strip.  'Suck It Up' is a funky instantly likeable track, as is the fun and sleaze ridden 'Our Way'.  If you haven’t listened to this group for a long time and then suddenly hear this album, you would be able to say ... "hey that’s Bang Tango!"


As Joe Leste's vocals / sound are as good as they were all those years ago.  Scott LaFlamme‘s riffage and solos are to admired throughout.  'Bring On The World' is a classic Tango track, that could have been on the band’s first two releases. 'Have You Seen Her' is a bluesy melodic song and reminds me of a Guns N' Roses ballad and is a nice slowed down tune.

Then we get a spoken intro about bashing fruit and soup mixed by Bang Tango chefs, as you are told Bang Tango gives you food to your soul and that cooks ... 'Live Life' bounds out and rocks along as the funk infused music twists and turns boogying along.  'I Like It' is the first single from this album, a bluesy number with Leste's whiskey tinged vocals showing his and the bands talents, on the stand out track on 'Boom Box Seance'.  


'Drivin' is a cool, summer days, chilling and cruising the streets of LA song and is a kind of anthem.  The title track is the final song and is a competent and fun number to end a decent album by these Los Angeles sleazsters.  

With other bands from that far away decade, when hair metal was hip and before that horrible grunge scene came along and destroyed so many brilliant bands, releasing excellent albums recently such as Ratt's 'Infestation', Vain's 'Enough Rope' and Shotgun Messiah to name but a few, go out and grab a copy of this latest Bang Tango offering, and if you have never heard much of the groups work before, then check out 'Dancing On Coals' and try and restrain yourself from shaking your booty to the title track!  


Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. Dick In The System2. Suck It Up3. Our Way4. Bring On The World5. Have You Seen Her6. Live Life7. I Like It8. Boom Box Seance9. Drivin10. Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt

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