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                                                                                                      Bringer of Pain 

                                                                                                      Label: Nuclear Blast 

                                                                                                      Released: February 17th, 2017 

Battlebeast return with their new Album "Bringer of Pain" following on from 2015s release "Unholy Saviour" which reached Number one in the Finnish charts, there are great expectations  of this the  fourth release.

 It no longer features Lead Guitarist and main songwriter Anton Kabanen due to "insurmountable disagreements" with the other members of the band.  Antons replacement is  Joona Björkroth, who joined the band last year.

"Straight to the Heart" starts the album off in fine form ,its a bouncing powerful introduction to  whats to come. Noora Louhimo's Vocals wail and scream as this number gets your blood pumping, the Guitar solo from new boy Joona Björkroth is cracking as this impressive opening number has you vigorously punching the air .

There is no let up as  "Bringer of Pain" gallops in  with its Powerful  riffs and key board laden delivery it leads on nicely to the not so highly racing "King for A Day" which was the first single, its instantly catchy and you can see why it was released first.  "Beyond The Burning Skies" showcases Noora Louimos voracious  Vocals, this is a classy track , even for me ,as I am not a big fan of keyboards  they come more to the fore courtesy of Jannie Broth on this song.


 "Familiar Hell" is a song I still cant get around, I am not sure if I hate it or love it, its very retro reminding me of a time when Rock was regularly in the National music charts, and this is a song I have gone back to a lot on here, still undecided if I like it or not!  The Guitar solo is worth checking out and the preacher part that follows is cheesy as hell, but so what its a foot tapping annoying tune that's fun with a chorus to stay in your head forever! "Lost in Wars" I thoroughly enjoyed ,with its big heroic sounds its one of the highlights on the album  as   Noora and Bassist Eero Sipilä combine their Vocal powers on this number. The superbly named "Bastard Son  of Odin" gallops through the battlefields of the past, and  like the previous track its a humdinger of Euro Power Metal magnificence.

 "We Will Fight" is an anthem to have the masses singing and repeating this heroic battle ready chorus and so ( for me ) ends the Album....Because what follows is truly atrocious! "Dancing With Beast" reminded me of the heady days of  Disco and made me want to pull my ears off! this is just shocking , truly awful!! 


 Then the Album finishes on a ballad "Far From Heaven"  which isn't that bad...but seriously you are in shock after the penultimate track then you  get a ballad to finish ...oh dear.. such a shame, the Album is saved by the rest of the songs on here believe me!


 Personally I have never really listened to Battlebeast,and with a plethora of  amazing Metal /Rock bands seemingly releasing new music almost  daily I am afraid "Bringer of Pain" isn't an album I will be returning to for a while, its not bad and I am told by a Battlebeast aficionado to check out the bands earlier Albums with original vocalist Nitte Valos time with the Band up to 2012 .

Apparently since Noora has joined the band have gone down a pop-pier route, well judging by the final two tracks  this sadly maybe the case , I hope its just a blip as this Band are so damn talented and it would be such a waste to change direction and become mainstream. 


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:8/10


Reviewed : 10/02/17 


1. Straight To The Heart 

2. Bringer Of Pain 

3. King For A Day 

4. Beyond The Burning Skies 

5. Familiar Hell 

6. Lost In Wars 

7. Bastard Son Of Odin

8. We Will Fight

9. Dancing With The Beast

10. Far From Heaven


Band Line up:

Noora Louhimo Vocals, Joona Björkroth  Guitars Juuso Soinio, Guitars Eero Sipilä,  Bass Janne Björkroth  Keyboards Pyry Vikki, Drums, 




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