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                                                                                                    Rise To Power
                                                                                                    Metal Blade Records
                                                                                                    Release Date: 21 August 2015
Thrash Metallers Battlecross return with “Rise To Power” this is a monster release ,the band have always had  a no bullshit approach to their music and life in general,  this slab of Metal pleases and sees you diving headfirst into a mosh pit of Metal delirium.

It opens with “Scars”   Kyle (Gumby) Gunther spits out the lyrics, Tony Asta and Hiran Derianiyagalas bring forth venomous riff's, Don Slaters Bass thuds  waking up the underworld as Alex Bents Drums explode,  sending shards of  Metal into the masses ,believe me you will bear the scars Battlefront have an ethos of throttling you with their brutality and a no fucking nonsense approach to the music scene.

Personal favourite is “Not Your Slave”  a song that has you thrashing and moshing away as the  lyrics seep into your consciousness , it’s intelligent theme focuses on those who manipulate  by pretending to be victims when really they are playing you for a muthafucking fool! It’s a volatile number that’s gonna be a mosh pit frenzy live.

“Absence” is a personal number from Gumby  where the lyrics deal with being apart from his four year old son, summoning up all his feelings, this super talented vocalist misses ,and has missed ,half his life due to touring commitments.


Well all I can say is long live Battlecross !  The songs never let up ,the brutality continues on “"Spoiled"” which ends with a fucking Hell yeah horns in the air finality from me !  You may have guessed ,already am a bit of a Battlecross fan having reviewed their previous albums ,  Now With The Metal Gods Meltdown I KNOW the review  will get seen by 1,000s times ten score on our front page! So  Yeah!  Lets continue to  ascend the Mountain of Thrashing magnificence on “" The Climb"” Strain your neck muscles and bang that head hard!

"Blood and Lies"” opens with an acoustic guitar then rips  into your head space, it rockets   fuelling the thrashers fire with some hellish other worldly tones as the song concludes.


Jumping to "“Despised"” it’s a song that I personally can fully relate to  , being despised for speaking your mind ,and taking no bullshit from Liars, Bullies, Fakes, and Losers is what this tune is all about , although of course taken from Gumbys viewpoint its relentless pounding lyrics dig deep into your  senses.


Love the way “"Shackles”" works its magic  casting of Metal Malevolence its meaningful (as is the whole album) delivery is inspiring , seeing Gumby work his vocal chords to the max! The slow down as the track comes to its end is A+ and then some! 
“"The Path"” brings the album to its finish ,  it’s a slower track but still thrashes the hell outta ya with some nifty solos !!
These “Blue Collar Thrashers” continue to strive ever forward and long may it continue, Check out our interview with Gumby from last year  it RAWKS ! 


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9.5 /10

Track list: 
1. Scars
2. Not Your Slave
3. Absence
4. Spoiled
5. The Climb
6. Blood & Lies
7. Bound by Fear
8. Despised
9. Shackles
10. The Path


Band Lineup:
Kyle Gunther: Vocals
Tony Asta: Guitar
Hiran Deraniyagala: Guitar
Don Slater: Bass
Alex Bent: Drums           

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