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                                                                                                 Bells and Ravens

                                                                                                 Title: What Death Cannot End

                                                                                                 Label: Independent

                                                                                                 Release Date: 22nd July 2022

Bells and Ravens is an album that’s pure 100 percent Heavy Metal and harks back to the days when long songs like “Master of Puppets”, and “The Crimson Idol” to name but a few were the way this genre of music was celebrated and adored. None of these ridiculous subgenres this was and is what many have been looking for in years we have 65 minutes of pure and glorious Heavy Metal Meltdown on "What Death Cannot end".


With appearances from some of the finest musicians in the world. Strap yaself in and get ready for one helluva a roller coaster ride as “Your Last Sacrifice” takes a hold of you by the scruff of the neck and fully grips and engrosses the listener as Chinchilla vocalist Tommy Laasch takes you on a fabulous journey of highs and lows that simply blow you away and the guitar solo from Julian Scott blows your mind!

Now if like me you enjoy your Metal with classical overtones you aren’t going to be disappointed at all with this album! Ex Judas Priest singer Ripper Owens features on “The Headless Horseman” a gigantic tune with obvious similarities to the Priest this is a horns in the air monster.

Now the piece de resistance for me on here has to be the tale of a pirate who has become disillusioned and tired of his life, its touching and heroic delivery by former Savatage frontman Zak Stevens will touch even the hardest metal heads out there, its feeling and conveyance tugs at your heart. The opening consists of parts of the overture to Richard Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman”.  

Selin Schoenbeck features on “Martyrs & Illusionists” having previously worked on Bells and Raven’s Debut “In Our Blood” and due to having his band WE ARE LEGEND’s second album “Fallen Angel” unleashed onto the masses at the end of July. This track has so much class it’s the electrifying neo-classical vibe that builds into a powder keg that’s ignited by Schoenbeck’s magnificent vocals.

Next, we get the Progtastic  “Zone of Pain” featuring Juergen Volk its rampaging feel is outstanding and rocks your socks off I think this is my second favorite track on here, today anyway! Simply sublime. And the fact this is the first time Volk has released anything since 2003 on a studio recording will have you begging him to do more soon, it’s so magical and one I keep returning to.

Brutal and headbangingly addictive is “Beyond Redemption”  a killer duet ensues between ex Forensick singer Tobias Huebner and Traitors Andres Mozer unleash holy melodic metal hell which culminates in a fearsome chorus! Running at nearly eight minutes we are taken into “Dishonored” a powerful work that sees Tommy Laasch taking center stage again as he unleashes his vocal might the bass and drums explode onto the scene into a pure Metal epic. “Master of Fate” is the second tune featuring Ripper Owens, a rip-roaring hell to leather number that works its magic with its powerful assault on the senses.

“1773” is an adaption of W.A.Mozarts 25th Symphony a killer take on this classic, superb.

The final track Martyrs & Illusionists (Home) PTII, is an emotional flight, it gives you goosebumps as Tobias Huebner brings this work of art to a close.


I can’t recommend this work enough, it’s full of riffs that burn, solos that shred, and rhythm power and abundance. Simply up there as one of the releases of 2022!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5 /10


Track Listing :

1. Your Last Sacrifice

2. The Headless Horseman

3.Scourge of The Seven Seas

4. Martyrs and  Illusionists pt1

5. Zone of Pain

6. Beyond Redemption

7. Dishonoured

8. Master of My Fate


10. Martyrs and Illusionists pt2



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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