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                                                                                                                    Black Crown Initiate

                                                                                                         Title: Violent Portrait of Doomed Escape

                                                                                                         Label: Century Media

                                                                                                         Release Date:07/08/2020

Having recently been signed by the massive Century Media Label  Black Crown Initiate return with the enormously enjoyable and deeply intense "Violent Portrait of Doomed Escape" this progressive Death Metal Band from Reading Pennsylvania have created a work of insanity that’s absorbing and rich in its delivery throughout.

​The guys have released two works so far firstly in 2014 “Wreckage of Stars” and in 2016 “We Can Not Forgive” and have had fans of this genre of Metal drooling and waiting in anticipation for this latest work of art. Opening this epic Album we get a request to listen to the uncompromising and ferocious “Invitation” it’s just short of eight minutes of head banging, flesh searing extreme Metal to ignite your soul and wake the dead it is an impressive start that just continues throughout this opus as “Son of War” tears at your insides and delivers a furious maelstrom of screams and growls as the blast beats and Metal tsunami encapsulates and flows through your body. The next track penetrates your psyche, totally frenetic and unforgiving as James Dortons menacing Voice  with its multi-faceted   harmonious tones draw you into “Trauma Bonds”. Then my favourite song on here “Years in Frigid Light” has so much to it , with its lightning pace that’s rampages into view with  mean Guitar riffs, pummelling Bass and a killer backbeat all capped off by the threatening Vocals from Dolton, simply a master class in Progressive Metal with its Melodic Menace. We get some respite as “Bellow” takes you on a journey of meditation and Eastern promise.

The dynamic “Death Comes in Reverse” is a deep and meaningful piece that surprises and battles demons we all in life face from time to time, its spine tingling and gives you goose bumps as this track works its way into your conscience. “Sun of War” builds slowly into a master class of face melting proportions as does the penultimate song “Holy Silence” shreds and bruises with its venomous intention’s the growls emanating from the pits of hell this is fantastic and another favourite on here for me. Finally we are taken to “He is the Path” a deep brooding finish to this nine track behemoth!

Well, this band from Reading USA have pulled off a masterstroke with this extreme, aggressive work.  Make sure you check out this brutal, multi-talented platter. As well as sounding excellent on this release, I am assured they are a must see live and will draw in many new fans without a doubt with "Violent Portrait of Doomed Escape”.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto       Score: 9/10
Reviewed: 27/07/20

1.Invitation | Listen
2.Son of War
3.Trauma Bonds
4.Years in Frigid Light (album version)
6.Death Comes in Reverse | Listen
7.Sun of War | Lyric Video
8.Holy Silence |Official Video
9.He is The Path


Vocals – James Dorton
Guitars – Andy Thomas
Bass – Nick Shaw
Guitars – Ethan McKenna



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