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                                                                                                             Black Rose 
                                                                                                  Turn On The Night   Dot Music


Black Rose are pure hard melodic rockers from that metal / rock goldmine that is Sweden, with a hint of Rainbow, Pretty Maids, and just a bit of Accept, we have nine catchy, pleasant  tracks of straight down the line rocking, from a band that have been in existence since 1990, and have never changed their style, as differing styles of rock and metal have gone by.


Black Rose are melodic rock at its premium. Tracks that immediately grab you and make you take notice are the album opener 'My Enemies', you are instantly struck by the quality of lead vocalist Peter Thederan’s voice, there’s a definite similarity to Graham Bonnet, and being a fan of Bonnets work, I am instantly hooked.  'My Enemies' wouldn’t of been out of place on any of the aforementioned singers Alcatraz’s days.  The spiraling guitars are dead effective on 'Turn On The Night', with a melodic, catchy chorus.  This is AOR excellence and a really pleasant tune. 


The opening to 'Never Let Me Down' is meaty and would be an ideal summer tune to having blasting out of your speakers and annoying the neighbours! Halfway through, turn the volume up to twelve and check those riffs out.,..,Super! Super!

Balladry is the call of the day as 'We Were Winners' emanates from your sound system.  Thedrean’s vocals on this track are quite outstanding and backed up by Thomas Berg on Lead, Anders Haga on Bass and Peter Haga, the band are on to a winner (pun intended) with this track, it should be released as a single soon as possible, as I am sure AOR stations will snap it up. 


The bands diversity continues with the raw and rocking 'Hunter', this is jigging and moving your soul music.  'The Bold And Beautiful' I did a double take, it just sounded so much like a intro to a Kingdom Come song, so for that it gets a huge thumbs up and is my favourite track on here. 


Final track 'Our Wisdom' is a deeper, more sinister track, and a perfect finish to a top notch album.  My only gripe is the band’s name Black Rose, there’s at least three bands I know of by that name here in the UK, two are cover bands and one with original material.  I really think this Swedish band Black Rose have a fighting chance of making a mark, as they sound and seem to have what it takes, just think the name Black Rose is a bit over used!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. My Enemies2. Rise Again3. Turn On The Night4. Never Let Me Down5. We Were Winners6. Hunter7. The Bold And The Beauty8. Busted9. Our Wisdom

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