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                                                                                                        Blindfolded and Led to Woods Interview  08/12/20


MM: Congratulations on the recent release of “A top  the wings of a magpie” which has been getting rave responses online, so the burning question is when will a an Album surface?


Thanks! We are really stoked with the response. Having Karl from Nile involved was an absolute pleasure! We have some plans for 2021 which may or may not involve an album...


MM: I love the way the video fits perfectly with the song did you have a lot of involvement in the ideas behind it personally


Yeah, Zev Deans who did the video has a very distinctive style and we sent him the lyrics and the song and he came up with the concept based on those things and we were absolutely stoked on how it turned out. 


MM: How does the song writing process work in the Band is it down to one person or a team effort


Our guitarist Stu writes the framework for most of our songs and then each member puts their own individual flair on it. Stace writes most of the lyrics with occasional input from Stu. 


MM: If I was totally new to which two tracks would you play me to introduce me to your band Blindfolded and led to the woods


Definitely "Atop the Wings of a Magpie" since it's our most recent release and pretty representative of where the band is at at the moment and probably "Meth Tooth" off our previous album Modern Adoxography as it has become a fan favourite. 


MM: What made you decide to go down the Heavy Metal route, and do you have any other musical interests


I think that genre in particular just pushes us the most and is the most enjoyable to play. We all have other various musical interests, Stu has a psycore EDM project called Pill Murray, myself (Nick) and Tim play in various stoner/doom bands and Ben is the biggest 80's pop fiend you will find. Stace also has a very eclectic taste in music ranging from house right through to grindcore. 



MM: Plans for the new year tour and festival wise


We are playing Twisted Frequency festival over New Years which is predominantly an EDM festival but for the last couple of years have had live bands and it's been a great addition! We are also doing a short run with Organectomy and Depths in early January. 


MM: What do you like best and worst abt touring –


I like the fact that we can actually tour at the moment due to our countries response to COVID-19 so looking forward to getting a van with the other guys and doing it all again in January. Can't think of a worst part - probably the fact it's hard to access Europe and USA from New Zealand without it costing an arm and a leg.  


MM: What can we expect from you guys live?


We pride ourselves on our live show, high energy and lots of crowd interaction, these people are here to see us you know so we gotta get them involved! 


MM: How do you prepare before a performance and do you get nervous


No real preparation except for warming up before we go on stage, no nerves these days, we've been doing it a long time! That might change if we played a big European festival or something though haha. 


MM: How do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible? 


Totally important, New Zealand is quite a small country and the metal community is quite tight knit so you get to know everyone pretty quick and it's pretty supportive all around the country. 


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies


We toured New Zealand with Revocation (USA) and they were the best dudes. Would love to do a bigger tour with them! Always like the vibe of The Black Dahlia Murder, think they would be epic to tour with. Also, Nile, cos it's fucking Nile. 


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?


For me personally, it was seeing The Dillinger Escape Plan in 2008 at the Transmission Room in Auckland. They were on the Ire Works tour and it was just insane. Best live show I've ever seen and having local bands Strangers and Akaname open made it one of the best lineups I've ever seen. 


MM: How strong is the Metal Scene in New Zealand


As mentioned earlier it's a pretty tight knit community and for the most part it's pretty supportive. There can be the odd tall poppy syndrome going on from time to time but it's really cool seeing bands like Ulcerate, Organectomy and Alien Weaponry putting New Zealand on the map. 


MM: You are stuck in quarantine for a year which musician dead or live would you have with you.


Stace will hate this one but I'd either have Mike Patton or Peter Steele. I'm sure Mike and I would come up with a few albums worth of material and Peter Steele could just talk me to sleep every night. 


MM - If one of your songs  from  the catalogue   could appear on a soundtrack or any film or cult TV series, which one would you choose and why?

It's a tough one, I'd probably choose something from David Lynch.  

MM: Tell me why we should check out Blindfolded and led to the woods


Why wouldn't you? Haha, na we are just 5 dudes having a great time playing music. We like to think that if we can challenge ourselves musically that maybe some people out there will want to hear it. 


MM: Four Words to describe Blindfolded and led to the woods

"You decide the words." (Hahahaha)


1.Blindfolded or led to the woods ? - Led to the Woods. (Might be a party!)

2.Vinyl or Digital - Vinyl

3.Beer or Wine - Premixed Bourbon and Coke

4.Kiwis or Lamb - Lamb! (You can't eat Kiwi, well you're not supposed to)

5.Thrash or Glam Metal - Thrash if i had to choose






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