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                                                                                                                    Born of Fire
                                                                                                                Dead Winter Sun    

                                                                                       Label: Pure Steel Records    Release Date: 14.11.2014

Born of Fire were formed back in 1995 and have been given a new lease of life through Pure Steel Records. The band has three original members Bobby Chavez / Victor Morrell Guitars and drummer Steve Dorssom with a new addition of Michael Wolff on Bass and a  new vocalist in the stunningly talented Gordan Tittsworth who has the vocal range and style of Geoff Tate from early  Queensryche.

Born of Fire deliver ten tracks of powerful progressive metal on "Dead Winter Sun" . The album opens with the title song which slowly builds into a majestic , thrilling ride of powerladen riff's and changes in direction as the song slows down with orchestrations over laden with  some ripping solos this is a terrific opener. There are so many must listen to tracks on this opus! 


The band speed it up next with "When Hope Dies" the sound quality is as clear as a Swiss mountain lake as the drums thunder,   cymbals make  ripples, and the guitars create   a wave of metal majesty. "Last Goodbye" is a smooth ballad that  washes over you mortal soul, with some nice drum work and  a superb guitar solo as the song reaches its end, it’s   searing, and rocks your world.


A classic progtastic six and a half minutes are delivered with "Cast The Last Stone" it has a  slight middle eastern vibe , a Metal saga with delirious riff's and outstanding vocals from Tittsworth. "Speed of Dark" is a dramatic instrumental it leads into "Spiritual Warfare" shredding,  battering, and  in your minds eye you can see the crowds punching the air and singing "Spiritual Warfare" out fucking standing!
"Hollow Soul"  has a supernatural feel to it, it wraps itself around you with its haunting and spectral forces as halfway though a manic   instrumental,  breaking out this is a strange track,  but it really,  fits in and for me is the best track on here, which is a hard choice believe me! 


"Echoes of The Lost" has  a passionate and operatic vibe which finishes with a wistful piano to then lead into a shredding and heavy "Into The Cold". Final song is an acoustic number called "Tears" quite simply a chilled out piece to leave you feeling warm and wanting to let the needle touch the groove again and play the whole album time after time! 



If you love Queensryche, Iced Earth , Savatage in fact any form of Metal  you just have to grab a hold of this album, Born of Fire deserve to be noticed and adored!


Review Seb Di Gatto     SCORE 10/10                               Born of Fire Interview

Track Listing:
1.Dead Winter Sun
2.When Hope Dies
3.Last Goodbye
4.Cast the Last Stone
5.Speed of Dark
6.Spiritual Warfare
7.Hollow Soul
8.Echoes of the Lost
9.In a Cold

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