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                                                                                                                    Date: 25 April 2014   

MM: Hi great to chat to you Torsten... What's the feedback been like so far from the media regarding the new album 'Firesoul'?
TI: Feedback is great so far; everybody seems to love the album; we’re getting great reviews from the press; and the fans seem to love the new album, which is the most important fact anyway.

MM: How much of a progression is 'Firesoul' from your previous release, the superb 'On The Spur Of The Moment' in your opinion? 
TI: It is a typical Brainstorm album, but maybe a little bit more special than the previous – hmm, let's say, two albums. It's the tenth studio album and we celebrate 25 years of Brainstorm this year, so everything felt a bit special this time around. It felt a little bit like back in the old days when we wrote the songs that finished up on some of the classic albums; that's maybe why many people, including us, feel some kind of 'Soul Temptation' vibe on 'Firesoul', but still with both feet in 2014.

MM: Do you have a personal favourite track on the new release?
TI: Quite a lot, to be honest. The title track 'Firesoul' is definitely one of my favourites; great lyrics, great riffing – Brainstorm as Brainstorm should sound.  Also, 'Erased By The Dark', that has some magical guitars and melody lines. 'Shadowseeker' and 'Descendants Of The Fire' with its double-bass driven riffs…. 'Recall The Real' and '...And I Wonder' as well, with its intense harmonies…. You can see I am very, very subjective still, even though as the album has been out for quite a few days already.

MM: Why is the band called Brainstorm? Any particular stories around that?
TI: No; it looked good on a piece of paper, with many other possible names but it still fits. We still work together as a band and love to “brainstorm” still.

MM: Are there plans to go on tour and do you have any festivals lined up?
TI: We’ve just played some very cool album release shows a few days ago and will play numerous festivals this Summer before a full European tour in the Fall of this year.

MM: I am a big fan of Ring Of Fire, who recently released a concept album, is that a road Brainstorm would contemplate going down with future albums?
TI: Never say never but speaking for now – I don't see this for the near future.

MM: There are so many great German metal bands; do you have a personal favourite you listen to regularly?
TI: Of course, but as there are so many, it would be a shame to just listen to only one.  I might start with Blind Guardian, Kreator, Helloween, Edguy, Doro…. and we could go on forever ...

MM: Power Metal has a very big following especially in mainland Europe, why do you think that is?
TI: Hhhmmm.  Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Melodic Power Metal?  I don't really like all the categories and the different names, but for all of the above (and all metal in general, also the extreme stuff) it is the guitar riffs, the melodies, the songs, the musicians, the musicianship and the pureness that people love.

MM: Could you give me three words to describe Brainstorm?

MM: Finally is there anything you would like to say to your fans and our listeners?
TI: Of course; thanks a lot for your continued support. And even if we are not in your awesome country that much to play live, we are always ready to come over when we get the chance.

Interview by: Seb Di Gatto

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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