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                                                                                                               Brothers of Metal

                                                                                                               Title: Emblas Saga

                                                                                                               Label: AFM Records

                                                                                                               Release Date: January 10th, 2020

Brothers of Metal return with their sophomore Album “Emblas Saga” to lighten up the new decade and by Thors Hammer they do just that!

This phenomenal eight-piece from Falun Sweden has delivered on all fronts with this sword-wielding hell for leather marauding release.

Filled to the brim with tales of Viking honor and Northern Mythology these Warriors have released a thirteen-track monster of tantalizing tales and brooding Power Metal to please the Metal Hordes.


Opening with “Brood of The Trickster” the dramatic tale of what is to come is told as we hear the spoken words of bitter memories and witness eternities swirl.

The chest-thumping “Powersnake” sees Ylva Eriksson – Voice of the Valkyries and Joakim Lindback Eriksoon Battle Cries blend as the mighty Serpent roars this is a bombastic start to possibly an Album of the Year ten days into 2020!

The titanic sounds continue to astound and amaze you as “Hel” thumps and rattles your being as this magical mix of beastly Bass, Drums and soaring guitar’s combine with the raw Vocals from Lindback becoming the beast to Ylvas beauty, without a shadow of a doubt one of the many highlights on here and one that’s going to see crowds go insanely wild.

“Chain breaker” has you punching the air and thumping your chest as you sing along and show those horns to Valhalla. Next, we get the folkish and stunning “Kaunaz Dagaz” a song that gives you goosebumps as the song builds and becomes something unique and stirring. Then we get the fun and insanely addictive “Theft of The Hammer” I love this track so much and have played it so many times this is Nordic Metal par excellence!


You get a chance to catch your breath as the soft and melodic “Weavers of Fate” washes into your soul as Ylvas heavenly Vocals soar high into the skies. Grab your jugs of mead and sing yourself hoarse as we all hail “Njord” and continue to enjoy the mighty Metal feast Brothers of Metal have laid before you.  The title track “Emblas Saga” is a real epic piece that flows with its poetic start and becomes something surreal and massive.

“Brothers Unite” is another drinking and feasting song, like all on here, is going to be killer live. “One” continues the tales of wonder and awe its simply beautiful and magnificent the way this song casts its spell.  

Final tracks “Ride of The Valkyries” and the outstanding “To the Skies and Beyond” ends this Powerful Battle Metal master class.


“Emblas Saga” is a must-buy! it’s definitely going to be one of the Highlights this year, no matter what the next twelve months have to offer this is going to be hard to beat, Raise your Fists and Salute BROTHERS OF METAL!!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9.5/10




1. Brood of the Trickster

2. Powersnake

3. Hel

4. Chain Breaker

5. Kaunaz Dagaz

6. Theft of the Hammer

7. Weaver of Fate

8. Njord

9. Emblas Saga

10. Brothers Unite

11. One

12. Ride of the Valkyries

13. To the Skies and Beyond


Line Up:

Ylva Eriksson – Voice of the Valkyries

Joakim Lindback Eriksoon – Battle Cries

Dawid Grahn – Guitars

Pähr Nilsson – Guitars

Mikael Fehrm – Guitars

Emil Wärmedal – Bass

Mats Nilsson – Tongue of the Gods

Johan Johansson – Anvil and War Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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